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11th Class Biology Book PDF download- chapter wise

May 23, 2024
written by Muneeb Tariq

Explore the world of biology with a comprehensive 11th Class Biology PDF Book for the Punjab Board. Get Downloadable Chapter Books covering topics from Introduction to Transport in living organisms. This book is perfect for students looking for Intermediate Part 1 Books PDF or Free Textbooks for Class 11 across All Subjects.

Our chapter-wise PDFs are designed for the Punjab Board 11th Class Textbooks PDF and are available in both Urdu and English Medium. Along with the PDFs, you get Free Study Material for Class 11, Chapter-wise Important Questions, and 11th Class Exam Preparation Resources to help you excel in your studies.

Chapter Wise FSC Part 1 Biology Book

Click on a link to download the book:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Biological Molecules

Chapter 3 – Enzymes

Chapter 4 – The Cell

Chapter 5 – Variety of Life

Chapter 6 – Kingdom Prokaryote (Monera)

Chapter 7 – The Kingdom Protista (or Protoctista)

Chapter 8 – Fungi – The Kingdom of Recyclers

Chapter 9 – Kingdom Plantae

Chapter 10 – Kingdom Animalia

Chapter 11 – Bioenergetics

Chapter 12 – Nutrition

Chapter 13 – Gaseous Exchange

Chapter 14 – Transport