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10 Examples of Magnetic Field

September 13, 2023
written by Qamar Zaman

A magnetic field is a region of space where a magnetic force is exerted on a moving electric charge. Magnetic fields are created by magnets, electric currents, and moving charges.

Examples of magnetic fields are found in compasses, electromagnets, MRI machines, hard drives, and electric motors.

Examples of Magnetic Field

Here are 10 examples of magnetic fields in everyday life.

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1. Compass Needles

A very common example of a magnetic field is a compass. A compass needle aligns with Earth’s magnetic field lines, allowing orientation and navigation by detecting the local field direction.

2. Electromagnets

When current passes through a coil of wire, it generates a magnetic field. Electromagnets made this way can be turned on and off.

3. MRI Scanners

Powerful magnetic fields from superconducting coils align proton spins in the body, enabling detailed magnetic resonance imaging of internal structures.

4. Magnetic Storage

Hard drives store data on magnetic disks where tiny magnetized regions encode digital information that is read by head sensors.

5. Motor Rotation

Electric motors rely on the force between magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors to rotate rotors and generate torque.

6. Particle Accelerators

Charged particles are accelerated close to light speed by synchronized electric and magnetic fields in accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider.

7. Magnetic Braking

Conductors moving through magnetic fields experience resistance forces that find application in braking trains or measuring speed.

8. Magnetic Levitation

Superconductors can be levitated over magnets due to repulsion effects from induced eddy currents in a stable magnetic field.

9. Ferromagnetism

Some materials like iron, cobalt, and nickel maintain strong magnetic domains even without an applied current.

10. Solar Activity

Sunspots, flares, and coronal ejections are visible manifestations of the sun’s magnetic field activity.

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