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Applications of Computer in the Agriculture

August 9, 2022

The computer is very useful in farming because it has replaced the human beings with machinery. Computer in Agriculture (CiA) is a project developed at the University of California, Davis, USA. CiA aims to develop a computer system that integrates information about crops, soils, water, weather, and farm management practices.

The goal of CiA is to provide farmers with timely and accurate information to help them make decisions about their farms. CiA uses data collected from sensors placed on the farm to monitor the environment and collect real-time data.

CiA collects data using wireless sensor networks (WSN). WSN consist of low cost sensors that communicate wirelessly with each other over short distances. These sensors measure physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall, etc., and transmit these readings to a central database.

Now farming is very easy because computerized machinery has made it easy. The work that was done by human beings in the past is now done by machines in less time. There are also many other uses of computers in agriculture which are given as:

Keeping records

In agriculture, the computer is used to keep records of the productivity of the crop or loss of the crop. It is also used for budget information and equipment. They also use a computer to keep information about their animals.


The computer is also used to map the factors and the areas that affect the crop’s productivity or yield. For this purpose, a global positioning system is used (GPS).

Farm software

For livestock farming, today a lot of farming software’s present that detects the age, health, and milk production of the animals. It also gives information on the reproductive cycle of the animal.

Internet Forums

Through the internet forums, farmers get a lot of information about agriculture. A lot of articles are present that are useful for the farmers for the production of their crops.


A computer is also useful for communication between experts and farmers. Farmers communicate with each other to discuss the problems and diseases of the crops. And this helps them a lot to solve their problems and to increase their productivity.

Delivery of machinery

A computer has lessened the work of human beings that we do not need to go outside for the equipment. Farmers can easily buy equipment online without any struggle. They just have to place their order and the delivery boy delivers the items to their home.

 Autonomous farm equipment

These are the equipment that has replaced the work of human beings. In past, all the farmers need human beings for farming. They sow and grow the crops by their selves. But today human beings are replaced by machinery. Now tractors and other farming equipment’s are present in farming.

Agricultural robots

Agricultural robots are machines that perform agricultural tasks automatically. Robots are used to spray pesticides, apply fertilizer, harvest crops, and do many other things. Agricultural robots are controlled by computers.