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Decry vs Descry

June 7, 2023
written by Areej Khan

The word “decry” refers to publicly condemning or expressing strong disapproval, while “descry” relates to catching sight of or discovering something through careful observation. Although these words may sound similar, they have distinct meanings and contexts.

In this article, we will explore the differences between “decry” and “descry,” unraveling their meanings and highlighting their unique characteristics.

Meanings and Examples

Decry Meaning

Verb: The meaning of “decry” is to publicly condemn, denounce, or strongly disapprove of something or someone.

Decry Examples

  1. The environmental activist decryed the government’s lack of action on climate change.
  2. Many citizens decry the rising crime rates in the city and demand stronger law enforcement.
  3. The film was decryed by critics for its shallow plot and lackluster performances.

Descry Meaning

Verb: The meaning of “descry” is to observe or discover something, typically through attentive observation or scrutiny.

Descry Examples

  1. From the hilltop, they could descry a magnificent view of the sunset over the ocean.
  2. The detective used binoculars to descry the suspect’s location from a distance.
  3. The eagle’s sharp eyes allowed it to descry its prey from high in the sky.

Differences Between Decry and Descry

Here are the main Differences Between Decry and Descry:

MeaningTo publicly condemn or express strong disapprovalTo catch sight of or discover through careful observation
Part of SpeechVerbVerb
UsageCriticizing or censuring something or someoneNoticing or detecting something through careful observation

Usage in a Paragraph

Amidst the growing social issues, activists rose to decry the injustices prevalent in society. Through protests and the power of social media, their voices echoed, raising awareness and demanding change. Meanwhile, during a tranquil morning walk, her keen eyes detected something unusual in the distance. Focused and observant, she descryed a rare bird perched gracefully on a tree branch. The unexpected sighting brought her immense joy as she silently observed the majestic creature before it gracefully took flight.

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