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60 Verbs ending with “ing”

March 30, 2024

In this article, we will discuss multiple verbs ending with “ing”, their meaning, and usage in sentences.

image showing Verbs ending with ing

Verbs Ending with ing

Verb Ending with “Ing”MeaningSentence
AcceptingTo agree to receive somethingShe was accepting donations for the animal shelter.
AnnouncingTo make something officially knownThe company is announcing a new product launch.
ArguingTo have a disagreement with someoneThey were arguing about the best route to take.
BelievingTo have faith or trust in somethingI believe in the power of hard work.
BelongingTo be the property of someone or somethingThis book belongs in the fiction section.
BouncingTo move up and down repeatedlyThe children were bouncing on the trampoline.
CelebratingTo mark a special occasion with joyWe are celebrating her birthday with a party.
CheeringTo shout encouragement or approvalThe crowd was cheering for the home team.
ChoosingTo select something from a number of optionsHe was choosing a new outfit for the event.
ClosingTo shut or come to an endThe store is closing early today.
CommunicatingTo share information with someoneThey are communicating via email.
ComplainingTo express dissatisfaction about somethingThe customer was complaining about the service.
ConcentratingTo focus your attention on somethingShe was concentrating on finishing her homework.
ConsideringTo think carefully about somethingI’m considering applying for that job.
CountingTo calculate the number of somethingHe was counting the money in the cash register.
DancingTo move rhythmically to musicThey were dancing the night away at the party.
DecidingTo make a choiceWe are still deciding where to go on vacation.
DescribingTo explain or give details about somethingThe author is describing the main character in the book.
DreamingTo have thoughts or visions while sleepingShe was dreaming of winning the lottery.
EatingTo consume foodWe were eating lunch in the park.
EnteringTo come or go into a placeHe was entering the building when he saw his friend.
ExpectingTo believe that something will happenWe are expecting a baby in the spring.
ExplainingTo make something clear or easier to understandThe teacher was explaining the math problem.
FeelingTo experience a physical or emotional sensationShe was feeling happy after receiving the good news.
FightingTo engage in physical combatThey were fighting to defend their country.
FinishingTo complete somethingI’m finishing up my work before leaving for the day.
FlyingTo travel through the airThe airplane is flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet.
FoldingTo bend something so that it takes up less spaceShe was folding the laundry while watching TV.
ForgettingTo lose memory of somethingI keep forgetting to buy groceries.
GlowingTo emit lightThe fireflies were glowing brightly in the night.
GrowingTo become larger or developThe plant is growing quickly in the warm weather.
HelpingTo provide assistance to someoneHe was helping his friend with their homework.
HopingTo have a wish or expectationShe’s hoping to get a good grade on the test.
ImaginingTo form a mental image of somethingI’m imagining what life would be like on another planet.
IncludingTo add something to a group or listThe recipe includes several different spices.
InsistingTo demand something forcefullyHe insisted on paying the bill for everyone.
InvestigatingTo examine something in detailThe police are investigating the crime scene.
JokingTo say something that is meant to be funnyDon’t worry, he was just joking about being mad.
JumpingTo propel oneself upwardThe children were jumping in the puddles after the rain.
KickingTo strike something with your footHe was kicking the soccer ball down the field.
KissingTo touch someone with your lips as a sign of affectionThey kissed goodbye before he left for work.
LaughingTo make sounds that express amusementThe children were laughing hysterically at the clown.
LearningTo gain knowledge or skillShe is learning a new language in her spare time.
LeavingTo depart from a placeWe are leaving for our vacation tomorrow.
LikingTo find something enjoyable or pleasingI like to read books in my free time.
LivingTo be aliveWe all have the right to live in peace.
LookingTo direct your gaze towards somethingShe was looking for her lost keys.
LovingTo have a deep affection for someone or somethingShe loves her family very much.
MakingTo create somethingHe is making a delicious cake for his birthday.
MissingTo fail to find someone or somethingI’m missing my phone, have you seen it?
NeedingTo require somethingShe needs help finishing her project.
OfferingTo present something to someone for their acceptanceHe offered her a seat next to him.
OpeningTo cause something to become openShe was opening the presents on her birthday.
OrderingTo instruct someone to do somethingI ordered a pizza for dinner.
PackingTo put things into containers for transportWe are packing our bags for the trip.
PaintingTo apply paint to a surfaceShe was painting a beautiful landscape.
PlanningTo make arrangements for the futureWe are planning a trip to Europe next summer.
PlayingTo engage in a game or activityThe children were playing in the park.
PouringTo cause a liquid to flow from a containerIt was raining so hard, the water was pouring down the street.

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