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50 Verbs Ending in “ed”

March 25, 2024

In this artilce, we will discuss multiple verbs ending with “ed”, their meaning, and usage in sentences.

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List of Verbs Ending with “ed”

VerbMeaning Usage in Sentence
AcceptedTo agree to receive or do somethingShe accepted the award with a smile.
ActedTo perform an action or behave in a certain wayHe acted bravely in the face of danger.
AddedTo put something more with something elseShe added salt to the soup.
AdmiredTo respect and think highly of someone or somethingThey admired the beauty of the painting.
AgreedTo express consent or approvalThey agreed to meet for lunch.
AnnouncedTo make something known publiclyThe company announced its new product launch.
AskedTo put a question to someoneI asked him for his opinion.
AttackedTo make a violent attempt to hurt or damage someone or somethingThe enemy attacked the city at dawn.
AvoidedTo deliberately keep away from someone or somethingHe avoided discussing the sensitive topic.
BakedTo cook food in an ovenShe baked a delicious cake for the party.
BelievedTo accept something as trueShe believed his story.
BouncedTo spring back after hitting a surfaceThe ball bounced high in the air.
BrushedTo clean or remove dirt with a brushHe brushed his teeth before bed.
BuiltTo make something by putting parts togetherThey built a sandcastle on the beach.
BurnedTo be on fire or cause something to be on fireThe paper burned quickly.
CalledTo speak to someone on the phoneI called her to check in.
CarriedTo hold and transport somethingHe carried the groceries home.
CelebratedTo mark a special occasion with festivityWe celebrated our anniversary with dinner.
ChangedTo become differentThe weather changed suddenly.
CleanedTo make something free from dirt or dustShe cleaned the house before guests arrived.
ClimbedTo move upwards using limbs or hands and feetHe climbed the mountain slowly.
ClosedTo shut something that is openDon’t forget to close the door when you leave.
CollectedTo gather things togetherHe collected stamps as a hobby.
CompetedTo take part in a contest or raceThey competed in the swimming competition.
ConfusedTo make someone unable to think clearlyThe instructions confused her.
CookedTo prepare food by heating itShe cooked dinner for the family.
CountedTo find out the number of somethingI counted ten apples in the basket.
CutTo divide something with a sharp toolHe cut the cake into slices.
DancedTo move rhythmically to musicThey danced all night long.
DecidedTo make a choiceHe decided to go to the movies.
DeliveredTo bring or give something to someoneThe package was delivered this morning.
DescribedTo give an account of somethingShe described the accident in detail.
DevelopedTo grow or change graduallyThe photograph developed in the darkroom.
DialedTo use the numbers on a phone to make a callHe dialed her number and waited.
DugTo make a hole in the ground by using a shovelThey dug a hole to plant a tree.
EatenTo consume foodI have already eaten breakfast.
DecidedMade a choice or come to a conclusionHe decided to go on vacation.
ExplainedTo make something clear or understandableHe explained the rules of the game.
FinishedTo come to an endShe finished her homework before dinner.
FoldedTo bend something in halfShe folded the laundry neatly.
ForgotTo be unable to remember somethingI forgot to buy milk at the store.
GatheredTo come or bring together in one placeThe crowd gathered around the stage.
GlancedTo look quickly at somethingHe glanced at the clock.
HelpedAssisted or aided someone with a task or problemShe helped her friend move to a new apartment.
InvestedCommitted time or money with the expectation of future benefitsShe invested in the stock market to grow her savings.
JoggedRan slowly or steadily as a form of exerciseShe jogged in the park every morning to stay fit.
KickedStruck with the footHe accidentally kicked the ball over the fence.
LandedCame down or made contact with the groundThe airplane landed smoothly on the runway.
VerifiedConfirmed or attested the truthHe verified the validity of the document.
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