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Examples of Algebra in Real Life

September 11, 2023
written by Rida Mirza

Algebra, often seen as a complex and daunting subject of mathematics, is actually a powerful tool that helps us solve everyday problems.

 Algebra is all about using letters (like x, y, or z) to represent numbers or values that we have to find. It helps us find these values through equations and expressions.

 In this article,  we will explore Examples of algebra in a way that’s easy to understand for students.

Examples of Algebra

 Example 1:

Solving for x

Let’s say we have an equation:

2x + 5 = 11

We want to find out what x is. To do that, we need to isolate x on one side of the equation. Here’s how we do it step by step:

Subtract 5 from both sides                2x + 5 – 5 = 11 – 5

Simplify                                                  2x = 6

Divide by 2                                 2x / 2 = 6 / 2

Now, we have x = 3. So, when we plug in x = 3 back into the equation, it works:

                                                     2(3) + 5 = 6 + 5 = 11

Example 2:

Working with Brackets

Sometimes, we have equations with brackets. For instance:

                                 3(x + 2) = 21

To solve for x, we follow these steps:

Distribute the 3                            3x + 6 = 21

Subtract 6 from both sides           3x + 6 – 6 = 21 – 6

Simplify                                        3x = 15

Divide by 3                                   3x / 3 = 15 / 3

Now, we have x = 5. You can check this by substituting x = 5 back into the equation.

Example 3:

Money Matters

Imagine you have some money in a bank account, and it earns 5% interest annually. You want to know how much money you’ll have after a year. Here’s how algebra helps.

Let A represent the final amount, P the initial amount, r the interest rate, and t the time in years. We can use this formula:

A = P(1 + rt)

If you start with $1000 and keep it for 1 year at 5% interest:

A = 1000(1 + 0.05 * 1)

A = 1000(1.05)

A = $1050

So, after a year, you’ll have $1050 in your account.

Example 4:

Sharing Pizza

You and your friends order pizza, and you want to split the bill evenly. Let’s say the total bill is $24, and there are 4 of you. To find out how much each person needs to pay, you can use algebra:

Let P represent the cost per person. We can set up this equation:

4P = 24

To solve for P,

Divide by 4                      4P / 4 = 24 / 4

Simplify                           P = 6

So, each person needs to pay $6 to split the bill equally.

Algebra may seem challenging at first, but with practice and understanding, it becomes a valuable tool in solving everyday problems. Whether it’s solving equations, managing finances, or sharing pizza, algebra is there to make our lives simpler. So, embrace the power of algebra, and you’ll find it’s a friend, not a foe, in the world of mathematics.


Why is algebra important for students?

Algebra is a foundational math skill. It helps students develop problem-solving abilities and logical thinking. It’s also crucial in many professions, including science, engineering, economics, and even everyday tasks like budgeting.

How can I make algebra easier to learn?

Practice is key. Start with simple examples and gradually tackle more complex problems. Seek help from teachers or online resources if you’re stuck. Algebra becomes easier as you build your skills.

Are there any real-world careers that use algebra extensively?

Yes, many careers require algebra. Engineers use it to design structures, financial analysts use it for investment calculations, and scientists use it to analyze data. Algebra is a valuable tool in various fields.

What are some practical tips for mastering algebra?

Take notes and highlight important concepts.
Practice regularly to reinforce your understanding.
Break down complex problems into smaller, manageable steps.
Seek help from teachers or tutors when needed.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; they’re part of the learning process.

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