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10 Examples of Circuits in Series

September 17, 2023
written by Qamar Zaman

Circuits in series are configurations where components are connected end-to-end creating a single pathway for current to flow through. Examples include voltage dividers, current sources, and electronic switches.

Examples of circuits in series

Here are ten examples of circuits in series.

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1. Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights are very common examples of circuits in series. In a string of Christmas lights, each bulb is connected in series. If one bulb burns out, it breaks the circuit, but the rest of the bulbs stay lit.

2. Flashlights

 Flashlight circuits often consist of a series arrangement of batteries and a light bulb. When the switch is closed, the current flows through the batteries and the bulb in series, causing it to light up.

3. Old-Style Holiday Lights

 Older holiday lights, such as incandescent ones, are connected in series. If one bulb fails, it interrupts the entire circuit, causing the whole string to go out.

4. Resistors in Series

 In electronic circuits, resistors can be connected in series to increase total resistance. The current flows through each resistor consecutively.

5. Fairy Lights

 Like Christmas lights, fairy lights often have bulbs connected in series. If one bulb fails, it breaks the circuit for that section while the rest continue to work.

6. Amplifier Input and Output Stages

 In audio amplifiers, the input and output stages may contain components connected in series to achieve specific signal processing.

7. Electrical Heating Elements

Heating elements in appliances like ovens and toasters are often connected in series. Electricity flows through the details, converting electrical energy into heat.

8. Light Bulbs in Series for Dimming

In some lighting applications, light bulbs are connected in series to allow for dimming by reducing the voltage across the entire series circuit.

9. Antenna Tuners

 In radio communication equipment, antenna tuners may use inductors and capacitors connected in series to adjust the impedance and match the antenna to the transmitter.

10. Series RC Filter

 RC (resistor-capacitor) circuits connected in series are used as high-pass or low-pass filters in electronic applications to allow or block specific frequency ranges.

Circuits in series have the advantage of providing a cumulative effect on certain electrical properties like resistance, but they have the disadvantage of being sensitive to any interruptions in the circuit since a single break can interrupt the entire flow of current.

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