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15 Examples of Keyboard Shortcuts

September 12, 2023

Keyboard shortcuts are alternative ways to perform tasks that are typically done with a mouse. By learning them, you can enhance your computer productivity.

Examples of Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are a few examples of keyboard shortcuts:

Image showing examples of keyboard shortcuts
Here are a few examples of keyboard shortcuts:

1. Copy

Press Ctrl and C (or command and C on Mac) to copy selected text or files.

2. Paste

Press Ctrl and V (or command and V on Mac) to paste copied text or files into a new location.

3. Cut

Press Ctrl and X (or command and X on Mac) to remove selected items and copy them to the clipboard.

4. Undo

 Press Ctrl and Z (or command and Z on Mac) to reverse your last action.

5. Redo

Press Ctrl and Y (or command and Shift + Z on Mac) to re-apply an action you have undone.

6. Select All

Press Ctrl and A (or command and A on Mac) to quickly select everything in a document or window.

7. Find

Press Ctrl and F (or command and F on Mac) to open the search function to quickly locate text.

8. Save

Press Ctrl and S (or command and S on Mac) to save your current document or file.

9. Switch applications

Press Alt and Tab (or command and Tab on Mac) to rotate through open applications.

10. New document

Press Ctrl and N (or command and N on Mac) to quickly start a new document in many applications.

11. Print

Press Ctrl and P (or command and P on Mac) to open the print dialog box to print a file.

12. Bold

Press Ctrl and B (or command and B on Mac) to make selected text bold.

13. Italics

Press Ctrl and I (or command and I on Mac) to italicize selected text.

14. Zoom in

Press Ctrl and + (or command and + on Mac) to enlarge the view.

15. Zoom out

Press Ctrl and - (or command and - on Mac) to shrink the view.

Learning keyboard shortcuts can make you much more productive on the computer. Try incorporating some of these common shortcuts into your daily workflow to complete tasks more efficiently. With practice, these keyboard sequences will become second nature.

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