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“In Conjunction With”-Meaning, and Examples, and Usage in Sentences

February 6, 2024
written by Sidra Batool

“In conjunction with” is a phrase meaning jointly or cooperatively. It suggests two or more things are working together, often towards a common goal or purpose.

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What Does it Mean by “In Conjunction With”?

When something is happening or offered “in combination with” something else, it indicates that those things are partnering or operating together at the same time rather than separately. The phrase connects the two elements and signals they have a shared purpose.

When one thing is done “in combination with” another, it means the two things are happening or being used at the same time and are connected in some way.

Examples-Usage in Sentence

Here are some more common examples of using “in conjunction with” in a sentence:

  1. I took an English class in conjunction with an art class to satisfy a general education requirement.
  2. The drug should only be taken in conjunction with the prescribed dietary restrictions for maximum benefit.
  3. In conjunction with our eco-friendly initiatives, we’re looking for ways to reduce waste in the office.
  4. She served on the committee in conjunction with representatives from other departments.
  5. The airline offered discounted fares in conjunction with hotels in the vacation destination.
  6. The electronics store was advertising special deals on printers in conjunction with computers.
  7. The non-profit held fundraising events in conjunction with local businesses and community partners.
  8. The city hosted public forums in conjunction with the drafting of the new zoning policies.
  9. In conjunction with the company’s 75th anniversary, they were running contests for customers.
  10. The magazine published travel stories in conjunction with a special travel issue.
  11. The medication works most effectively when taken in conjunction with physical therapy.
  12. In conjunction with our fundraising efforts, we’re looking for volunteers to help at the upcoming event.
  13. The museum is featuring an exhibit on Ancient Egypt in conjunction with the archeological dig happening nearby.
  14. The software update was released in conjunction with new hardware to provide compatibility.
  15. The environmental study reviewed data in conjunction with reports from local residents to gain a comprehensive perspective.
  16. The police department is running safety training in conjunction with local schools.
  17. In conjunction with rebuilding efforts, the city is updating its infrastructure to better withstand natural disasters.
  18. Volunteers worked in conjunction with regional non-profits to expand food bank offerings.
  19. The university runs mentoring programs in conjunction with select area high schools to promote higher education.
  20. The hotel is offering discounted rates in conjunction with the music festival happening in town.

Synonyms of “In Conjunction With”

  1. Together with
  2. Jointly
  3. In collaboration with
  4. In combination with
  5. Coupled with
  6. In tandem with
  7. As well as
  8. Simultaneously with
  9. Concurrently with
  10. Alongside
  11. In parallel with
  12. In concert with
  13. In partnership with
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