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50 Verbs Ending in “Y”

March 25, 2024

In this artilce, we will discuss multiple verbs ending with “Y”, their meaning, and usage in sentneces.

image showing Verbs Ending With "Y"

List of Verbs Ending With “Y”

VerbMeaningUsage in Sentence
AccompanyTo go with someone somewhereShe accompanied her friend to the doctor’s appointment.
AnnoyTo irritate or bother someone repeatedlyThe mosquito buzzing in my ear was annoying.
AllyTo form an alliance or friendly relationship with someoneThe two countries decided to ally against a common enemy.
BeautifyTo make something more beautifulShe beautified the room with fresh flowers.
BelayTo delay or postponeWe had to belay the meeting due to a sudden downpour.
BuryTo place something undergroundThey buried the time capsule in the schoolyard.
ClassifyTo describe something in a particular wayThe doctor classified her illness as a common cold.
ClarifyTo make something clear or easier to understandThe teacher clarified the instructions for the assignment.
ClassifyTo categorize or group things togetherThe librarian classified the new books by genre.
CodifyTo put something into a system of laws or rulesThe government codified new environmental regulations.
ComfortTo provide emotional support or consolationHer friend comforted her after she lost her job.
CopyTo reproduce somethingHe copied the notes from the whiteboard.
CorroborateTo confirm the truth of somethingWitness statements corroborated his alibi.
CrucifyTo put someone to death on a cross (Historical)Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans.
CryTo shed tears, to weepShe cried tears of joy when she received the good news.
DelayTo postpone or put something offThe flight delay caused a lot of frustration for passengers.
DeployTo send troops or equipment to a specific locationThe soldiers were deployed to the war zone.
DestroyTo damage something beyond repairThe hurricane destroyed several houses in the coastal town.
DismayTo cause someone to feel disappointed or shockedShe was dismayed by his lack of effort.
DisplayTo show or exhibit somethingThe museum displayed a collection of ancient artifacts.
EmployTo give someone a jobThe company employs over a thousand people.
EmptyTo remove all the contents from somethingPlease empty the trash can before it overflows.
EnergizeTo fill someone with energyA good night’s sleep energized him for the busy day ahead.
EnjoyTo experience pleasure or satisfactionThey enjoyed a delicious meal at the restaurant.
EssayTo attempt to do something difficultShe essayed to climb the highest mountain peak.
ExemplifyTo explain something in detailThe professor exemplified the complex scientific theory.
FalsifyTo alter information to make it appear falseThe suspect was accused of falsifying financial records.
FerryTo transport people or goods across a body of waterThe ferry carried passengers and cars across the river.
FortifyTo strengthen or defend somethingThe army fortified the border with additional troops.
GlorifyTo praise or admire someone or something excessivelyThe movie glorified violence.
GratifyTo please or satisfy someoneThe delicious meal gratified their appetites.
HurryTo move or act with great hasteShe hurried to catch the departing bus.
IdentifyTo recognize or establish the nature of somethingThe police were unable to identify the suspect.
ImplyTo suggest something indirectlyHis silence implied that he was guilty.
RallyTo gather people together for a particular causeThey rallied for support to save the local park.
RemedyTo fix a problem or make something betterMedicine can remedy some illnesses.
ReplyTo answer back to someoneShe promptly replied to the email.
OccupyTo take up or fill a space or timeI like to occupy my free time with reading books.
LiquefyTo turn a solid into a liquidThe heat caused the ice to liquefy into water.
PityTo feel compassion or sadness for someone’s sufferingI felt pity for the stray dog wandering in the rain.
QualifyTo meet the requirements or standards for a task or positionQualify for the job interview.
RamifyTo branch out or divide into many partsThe decision had several ramifications for the company’s future.
SimplifyTo make something easier to understandThe teacher simplified the math problem for the students.
SanctifyTo make holy or sacredThe holy water was used to sanctify the baptismal font.
ThornyTo have difficulties or challenges to overcomeThe thorny bushes scratched my arm when I walked by.
TerrifyTo cause extreme fear or terror in someoneThe horror movie can terrify even the bravest person.
VerifyTo confirm or prove the accuracy or truthfulness of somethingShe logged into her account to verify her email address.
UnifyTo bring togetherThe company aims to unify its various departments.
ZealouslyTo show excessive zeal or enthusiasm (Rare)The knights zealously defended their kingdom.
ZestfullyTo do something with great zest or enthusiasmShe zestfully tackled the challenging project.
ZombifyTo turn someone into a zombie (figurative)The long lines at the amusement park zombified the excited children.
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