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5 letter words starting with F

January 18, 2024
written by Areej Khan

Many 5-letter words in English start with the letter ‘F’. Learning these words can help you play word games and crossword puzzles better. Below is a list of some 5-letter ‘F’ words to help you.

FableA short story with a moralShe enjoyed the fable about honesty.
FacetOne side of something many-sidedEach facet of the gem sparkled.
FaintLacking brightness or loudnessHis voice was faint in the distance.
FairyA small imaginary being with magic powersThe fairy appeared with a sparkle.
FaithComplete trust or confidenceShe had great faith in her team.
FakerOne who deceives or is not genuineThe document was a work of a faker.
FamedKnown or talked about by many peopleThe famed artist was celebrated.
FancyElaborate or extravagantShe wore a fancy dress to the party.
FaresThe money paid for a journeyTrain fares have increased this year.
FawnsYoung deerThe fawns played in the meadow.
FeastA large meal, typically a celebrationThey prepared a feast for the guests.
FeatsAchievements that require skillHis feats in science were remarkable.
FeignPretend to be affected by somethingShe feign surprise at the news.
FellaA way of referring to a manThat fella over there needs help.
FelonA person who has committed a felonyThe felon was apprehended by police.
FemurThe thigh boneThe x-ray showed a broken femur.
FenceA barrier enclosing an areaThey built a fence around the garden.
FeralIn a wild state, especially after escapeThe feral cat avoided human contact.
FerryA boat that carries people or goodsThey crossed the river by ferry.
FetalRelating to a fetusFetal development is fascinating.
FetchGo and bring backThe dog loves to fetch the ball.
FeverAn abnormally high body temperatureShe was sick with a high fever.
FewerNot as manyFewer people attended the event this year.
FiendAn evil spirit or demonIn stories, the hero fights the fiend.
FilerA person who files documentsThe filer organized all the reports.
FillyA young female horseThe young filly galloped across the field.
FilmsThin layers or coatingsThe window was covered with frost films.
FinchA small birdA finch landed on the bird feeder.
FiresBurns or is burningThe campfire fires brightly in the night.
FirmsMakes more solid or strongHe firms his resolve to succeed.
FirstComing before all othersShe won the race, coming in first.
FishySuspicious, not appearing genuineThe deal seemed a bit fishy.
FistsA person’s hand clenched as for hittingHe raised his fists in defense.
FitlyIn an appropriate mannerThe dress fitly accentuated her style.
FiverA five-dollar bill or five-pound noteHe paid with a fiver for the coffee.
FixedFastened securely in positionThe shelf was fixed to the wall.
FlackA publicist or promoterThe celebrity’s flack handled the media.
FlairStylishness and originalityShe has a flair for painting.
FlakeA small, flat piece of somethingA flake of snow landed on her nose.
FlameThe visible part of fireThe flame flickered in the wind.
FlankThe side of a person’s or animal’s bodyThe horse was patted on its flank.
FlapsMoves up and downThe bird flaps its wings rapidly.
FlashA sudden brief burst of bright lightLightning flash lit up the sky.
FlaskA small container for liquidsHe carried a flask of water on the hike.
FleckA small patch of color or lightThe canvas had flecks of blue paint.
FleetA group of ships sailing togetherThe naval fleet patrolled the waters.
FleshThe soft substance of a bodyThe flesh of the fruit was sweet and juicy.
FlickA sudden quick movementWith a flick of his wrist, the card appeared.
FliesMoves through the airThe kite flies high in the sky.
FlirtBehave playfully in a sexually suggestive mannerShe tends to flirt at parties.
FloatRemain on the surfaceThe boat float effortlessly on the lake.
FlockA group of birdsA flock of geese flew overhead.
FloodAn overflow of a large amount of waterThe river began to flood the nearby fields.
FloorThe lower surface of a roomHe dropped the keys on the floor.

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