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5 letter words starting with N

January 18, 2024
written by Areej Khan

Many 5-letter words in English start with the letter ‘N. Learning these words can help you play word games and crossword puzzles better. Below is a list of some 5-letter ‘N’ words to help you.

NailsHorn-like coverings at the tips of fingers and toes in humansShe painted her nails red.
NaiveShowing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgmentHis naive questions were endearing.
NakedWithout clothes; uncoveredThe sculpture depicted a naked figure.
NamedGiven a nameThe baby was named after her grandfather.
NannyA woman employed to care for a child in its own homeThe nanny looked after the children well.
NapalmA highly flammable sticky jelly used in incendiary bombs and flamethrowersNapalm was used during the war.
NapesThe backs of people’s necksHe had a tattoo on the nape of his neck.
NastyVery bad or unpleasantThe weather turned nasty quickly.
NatalRelating to the place or time of one’s birthThe natal chart showed interesting insights.
NattySmart and fashionableHe wore a natty suit to the interview.
NavalRelating to a navy or naviesThe naval battle was a turning point in the war.
NavelA rounded knot or protuberance in the center of a person’s bellyThe baby’s navel was healing nicely.
NearsApproaches or comes close toThe deadline nears and we must hurry.
NeatsOrderly, tidy, and cleanHis handwriting was neat and legible.
NebbyNosey or pryingShe was known for being a bit nebby.
NeedsRequires something because it is essential or very importantHe needs to finish his homework tonight.
NeedyLacking the necessities of life; very poorCharity organizations help the needy.
NeighThe characteristic high-pitched sound made by a horseThe horse neigh in the field.
NellyA silly, foolish, or effeminate manHe dismissed the rumor as a nelly story.
NerveA fiber that sends impulses through the bodyHe had the nerve to ask for a raise.
NestsStructures or places made or chosen by birds for laying eggs and sheltering their youngBirds built nests in the trees.
NetA structure made of fibers woven in a grid-like patternThe fisherman cast his net into the sea.
NewelThe central supporting pillar of a spiral or winding staircaseThe newel was carved from oak.
NewlyRecently; not long agoThey were newly married.
NewsyFull of news or gossipThe letter was long and newsy.
NexusA connection or series of connections linking two or more thingsThe nexus between the two companies was strong.
NicheA comfortable or suitable position in life or employmentHe found his niche in graphic design.
NicksSmall cuts or notchesThe old table had several nicks and scratches.
NieceA daughter of one’s brother or sisterHis niece was visiting for the weekend.
NightThe period from sunset to sunriseThe stars were bright that night.
NimbleQuick and light in movement or actionShe was nimble on her feet during the dance.
NinnyA foolish personStop acting like a ninny!
NippyChilly, briskThe morning air was nippy.
NitreAnother term for potassium nitrateNitre is used in fertilizers and gunpowder.
NobleHaving or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principlesHis noble deeds were recognized by the community.
NoddyA small seabird, typically with black and white plumageThey spotted a noddy on the island.
NodesA point in a network or diagram at which lines or pathways intersect or branchThe network had various nodes for data transfer.
NoisyMaking a lot of soundThe street was noisy during rush hour.
NomadA person who does not stay long in the same placeHe lived as a nomad, traveling the country.
NomarA variant of a given nameNomar was a popular player on the baseball team.
NonceThe present or immediate occasion or purposeThe tools were sufficient for the nonce.
NooksSmall corners or recessesThe house had many nooks and crannies.
NooseA loop with a running knot, tightening as the rope or wire is pulled and typically used to hang people or trap animalsHe found a noose hanging from the tree.
NormsStandards or patterns regarded as typicalThe company’s norms included a strict dress code.
NorseOf or relating to ancient or medieval ScandinaviaHe studied Norse mythology in college.
NorthThe direction towards the point of the horizon 90° clockwise from eastWe traveled north for two hours.
NoseyOverly curious or pryingMy neighbor is quite nosey about everyone’s business.
NotchAn indentation or incision on an edge or surfaceHe made a notch on the stick for each day passed.
NotesShort written recordsShe took notes during the lecture.
NovelNew or unusual in an interesting wayThe novel idea was a success.
NudgeProd (someone) gently with one’s elbow in order to attract attentionHe nudged his friend to look at the sign.
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