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Databases Object – Table, Queries, Forms, and Reports

November 14, 2022

Database object is a component of a database system. MS Access provides various objects used to store and retrieve data from the database. A database is the collection of data or information in an organized form.

Objects of database

The main database objects in MS access are as follows:

  • Table
  • Query
  • Forms
  • Reports

The table in the database is used to store and organized data in the database. The query in the database is used to recover data from the database.

Tables in database

In tables, data is organized in rows and columns. Rows are arranged horizontally and columns are arranged vertically. Rows are also known as records in a database. Information related to every object is stored in the row. Rows are subdivided into the field.


The table is the major object of the database. Because the main purpose database is to organize data which is done through the table. Tables are also known as relations.

Queries in database

A query in the database retrieves the information from the database means it selects the required result from the database. The information is retrieved according to the user requirement means according to the given criteria. It is the best way to choose, filter, and sort the record.

SQL is the most commonly used language for queries. In the database, the user can also change the data by the query. It is also used for the calculation of the different fields.

In a query, data is viewed and analyzed in multiple ways. It is actually the result of stored requests and questions. They are designed in the Design view of MS Access.

Roll NoNameMarksGrade

The user executes a query to retrieve the records of the students who got more than 650 marks. The query will display the following table as result:

Roll NoNameMarksGrade

The information retrieved by the query appears like a datasheet view of a table. The difference is that a query’s datasheet may consist of information from multiple tables.

Forms in database

The forms are reports are important features of a database system. Almost all database systems provide these facilities

A graphical interface used to interact with a database is called a form. Forms are used to enter data into the database. A form typically consists of textboxes, labels, buttons, and other graphical objects. These objects enable the user to interact with the database in an easy and user-friendly way.

The user can also retrieve, change, delete, and update data by using forms. Application programmers create the user interface by designing forms in different ways to meet the specific needs of their project or company.

Advantages of forms

  • Some important advantages of forms are as follows
  • Forms are easy to use
  • Forms use a graphical interface that is attractive
  • The user can interact with the database without technical knowledge

Disadvantages of forms

  • Important disadvantages of forms are as follows.
  • The data in the form cannot be formatted.
  • The forms are only used on a computer screen.

Reports in database

Reports are one of the most important features of database applications as they provide a way to retrieve and present data in a formatted manner. Reports can be generated in various ways depending on the needs of the user and may contain different types of information such as graphs, charts, and tables.

Reports are often used to make critical decisions by businesses and organizations. Reports can be printed and sent to different people as needed.

Advantages of report

Some important advantages of the report are as follows

  • Reports provide quick results from the database.
  • Reports help in making important decisions.
  • Reports can display processed data using graphs and charts etc.
  • Reports can be printed or e-mailed easily.

Disadvantages of report

Some important disadvantages of the report are as follows:

  • The data in the report cannot be modified.
  • The user cannot add new data using the report.
  • The data in the report cannot be deleted.

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What are the 4 main objects of a database?

The 4 main objects of the database are:

Is a query an object?

A Query Object is an interpreter, that is, a structure of objects that can form itself into a SQL query. You can create this query by referring to classes and fields rather than tables and columns. This makes it easier to update your code if your database changes.

What is a table object in a database?

Tables are used to store data in an organized format. The data is stored in tables in the form of rows and columns. Rows are also called records.

List some advantages of queries.

Facility of joining
Easy use