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Difference Between Howlite and Magnesite

January 29, 2024
written by Adeel abbas

Key Difference: Howlite and Magnesite are both minerals that are often used in jewelry and decorative items, but they have distinct characteristics and properties. Howlite is known for its white color with gray or black veins, resembling a spider web. It is a borate mineral that is commonly used as a gemstone and is often dyed to imitate other gemstones like turquoise. Magnesite, on the other hand, is a carbonate mineral that ranges in color from white to yellowish, brownish, or even pink. It is softer than howlite and is known for its ability to be easily carved and polished, making it popular for use in beads and cameos.

Comparative Analysis:

  1. Chemical Composition:
    • Howlite: A borate mineral.
    • Magnesite: A carbonate mineral.
  2. Color and Appearance:
    • Howlite: Typically white with gray or black veins.
    • Magnesite: Ranges from white to yellow, brown, or pink.
  3. Hardness:
    • Howlite: Slightly harder than magnesite.
    • Magnesite: Softer, making it easier to carve.
  4. Uses:
    • Howlite: Often dyed to imitate turquoise; used in jewelry and decorative items.
    • Magnesite: Used in beads, cameos, and decorative items; sometimes used as a raw material in producing magnesium.
  5. Metaphysical Beliefs:
    • Howlite: Believed to have calming properties.
    • Magnesite: Often associated with creativity and relaxation.

Table Summary of Howlite vs Magnesite

CompositionBorate mineralCarbonate mineral
ColorWhite with veinsWhite, yellowish, brownish, pink
HardnessSlightly harderSofter, easily carved
UsesJewelry, imitates turquoiseBeads, cameos, decorative
MetaphysicalCalming propertiesCreativity, relaxation