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Difference between Scripting language and Programming language

February 2, 2023

The key difference between scripting language and programming language is that scripting language is a programming language that is used for administering and managing tasks on a computer, whereas programming languages are used for creating programs that perform specific tasks.

image showing the scripting vs programming language

Scripting Language

Scripting languages are used to create simple programs that automate tasks on the computer. These languages are often easy to learn, but they lack some of the advanced features of more sophisticated programming languages. Scripting languages focus on including code as text.

A scripting language is generally interpreted and not focused primarily on building applications. However, it can render behavior to an application that already exists. It helps in writing code for targeting a software system and can automate any given operation on that software system. Scripts act as a set of instructions that target any software system.

Programming Language

Programming languages, on the other hand, allow for greater flexibility and detail in program design. They are also used to create sophisticated applications that interact with computer systems. Programming languages can be complex and difficult to learn, but they provide a greater level of control and capability when constructing programs. Programming languages allow you to include code as well as data in a program.

A programming language is a set of rules that provides a structure for the programmer to write their code. It is a sequence of instructions written to accomplish a specific goal. C, C++, Java, and Python are examples of programming languages.

Scripting Language vs Programming Language

Scripting languages and programming languages are two different types of languages. Some key differences between scripting language and programming language are given below:

Scripting languageProgramming Language
Scripting language is a type of programming language designed for a special runtime environment to automate a specific function execution.  More time is required in programming languages because the entire code is musty written by the programmer.
Less time is required because of the lesser code.  Example of scripting language are Bash Ruby Python, etc.
A host is required in scripting languages.Programming languages are self-executable.
Scripting language needs an interpreter to convert the source code into machine code.Programming language needs a compiler to convert the source code into machine code.    
Scripting languages involve very few and short coding lines.    Programming languages involve numerous lines of coding for a one function.  
Examples of scripting languages are Bash Ruby Python, etc.Examples of programming language are:  C++ Java PHP, etc.
Maintenance cost of these languages is low as compare to programming languages.Maintenance cost of these languages is high as compare to scripting languages.
Any type of file is not created in scripting languages.  .exe files are created in the programming languages.
All scripting languages are programming languages.All programming languages are not scripting languages.