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Difference between Cloud computing and Grid Computing

December 26, 2022

The key difference between cloud computing and grid computing is, Cloud computing is a model where applications are delivered as so-called “services” that you access over the internet rather than installing them on your own computer. Grid computing is similar, but it applies to larger-scale tasks that need to be processed quickly.

Cloud computing and cloud computing are the two most popular technological models, with lots of differences. In this article we will discuss the difference between cloud computing and grid computing through which you will easily find the difference between both of them.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a software that is used in the modern world. It offers many benefits including cost-savings, productivity increase, efficiency, performance, constantly running backups, disaster recovery, and security.

In cloud computing, applications are hosted by an organization such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS manages these applications and provides the necessary infrastructure to keep them running. This allows for a scalable platform for organizations with a low monthly administrative cost and prevents the need to have an in-house IT staff.

Grid Computing

A grid computing platform is a networked computer system that can handle large volumes of data with the help of a group of networked computers.

A distributed computing architecture is called a grid computing architecture. Users don’t pay for use in grid computing because resources are used in collaborative pattern.

In grid computing, the distributed resource solution (DRS) partitions the problem into manageable, well-defined tasks or jobs that can be assigned to computers located anywhere on the grid. Grid Computing also includes versatile task programming models for composing, scheduling and controlling tasks on heterogeneous nodes in a dynamic and interactive fashion.

Cloud computing vs Grid computing

The basic differences between cloud computing and grid computing is given below:

Cloud computingGrid computing
It is client server computing architecture.It is distributed computing architecture.
User pay in the cloud computing for what they use.User does not pay for any usage.
Cloud Computing is highly scalable as compared to Grid Computing.  Grid Computing is less scalable as compared to Cloud Computing.
Cloud computing is service oriented.Grid computing is application oriented.
Cloud computing is a centralized executive.  While grid computing is a decentralized executive.