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Does Playing Chess Improve Your Math Skills?

July 28, 2022
written by Azhar Ejaz

It is hard to imagine how playing chess could improve any skills. It is not true because there are various people who say that playing chess improves math skills.

It is also a game where the player has to be a master of strategy and has to use a strategy to attack the opponent. It is an intellectual game that requires the ability to think logically. The game helps the player to learn how to use one’s head to think and analyze.

So, if you ask me whether or not playing chess improves math skills, then my answer is yes. Here are the reasons why I say this.

How Does Chess Help to Improve Math Skills?

There are different chess variants out there that are designed to train math skills. The basic concept of this game is to match the opponent’s pieces with yours. When it comes to the math part, it is called ‘checkmate’.

As the name suggests, it means that your opponent has no options and you can checkmate him/her with ease. So, the main thing that you have to do is to plan your strategy and execute it properly.

This is the best chess variant out there because it trains your mind and brain to work as a team. By working together, you and your team will solve a problem in a better way.

Is Chess Good For Math Skills?

Well, there are various studies that prove that the game helps in developing analytical and logical skills. There are some studies that show that if children start learning the game from a very young age, then the chances of improving their cognitive abilities of the child is high.

There is a scientific study that states that people who play chess in their childhood develop their brains. A person who plays this game since his childhood is likely to have better memory and will be smarter.

Playing chess is good for math skills

There is a study that says that people who played chess for 20 years had improved their math skills by 60%. The study also says that the game improves the ability to remember the numbers and patterns of the numbers.

All these studies prove that the game of chess improves skills. It is also believed that if a child starts playing this game in the early stages, then he/she will be able to increase cognitive skills. So, it is good for the kids to get involved in this game.