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10 Examples of Pyramids

October 7, 2023
written by Rida Mirza

Pyramids are cool 3D shapes. They start with a flat shape at the bottom, like a square or triangle. Then, they have sides that slant and come together to a point at the top. This pointy top is called the apex.

In this article, we will discuss ten examples of pyramids in mathematics.

Image showing examples of pyramids

Examples of Pyramids

These are 10 examples of pyramids.

1: Square Pyramid

Square pyramid has a square base and triangular faces that converge at an apex. Its volume can be calculated using the formula V = (1/3) * base area * height.

2: Triangular Pyramid

Triangular pyramid has a triangular base and triangular faces that meet at an apex. Its volume is calculated similarly to a square pyramid.

3: Pentagonal Pyramid

Pentagonal pyramid has a pentagonal base and triangular faces. Its volume can be calculated based on the base area and height.

4: Hexagonal Pyramid

Hexagonal pyramid has a hexagonal base and triangular faces. Its volume can be found using the base area and height.

5: Regular Pyramid

Regular pyramid has a base with all sides of equal length and congruent angles. It has a unique apex and is commonly used in geometry.

6: Oblique Pyramid

Oblique pyramid has an irregular base, and its apex is not directly above the center of the base. It is often encountered in practical geometry problems.

7: Egyptian Pyramid

Egyptian pyramids, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, are square pyramids with historical and cultural significance.

8: Frustum of a Pyramid

Frustum of a pyramid is the portion that remains after cutting off the top with a smaller, similar pyramid. It has unique volume and surface area formulas.

9: Trirectangular Tetrahedron

This pyramid is formed by cutting a cube with a plane that goes through three non-adjacent vertices. It is a unique example of a pyramid.

10: Pyramid Number

In number theory, a pyramid number is a figurate number that represents a pyramid with a triangular base and a given number of layers.

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