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10 Examples of Variables

October 16, 2023
written by Rida Mirza

Variables are a fundamental concept in mathematics, representing values that can change or vary.

In this article, we will discuss ten examples of variables in mathematics.

Examples of Variables

These are examples of variables.

1: Algebraic Variables

In algebra, we use letters like x, y, and z to represent unknown or changing values.

For example, in the equation 2x + 3 = 7, “x” is a variable.

2: Measurement Variables

In geometry, variables represent measurements.

For example, length of a side of a triangle, the radius of a circle, or the height of a rectangle.

3: Time as a Variable

Time is a commonly used variable in physics and calculus. It represent moments in the past, present, or future and is often denoted by the variable “t.”

4: Economic Variables

In economics, variables are represent factors like price, demand, supply, and interest rates.

5: Statistics and Data Variables

Variables in statistics represent data values that are vary.

For example, heights of individuals in a population or the scores in an exam.

6: Function Variables

In calculus and function theory, variables often represent independent and dependent quantities.

For example, “x” representing inputs and “y” representing outputs in a function.

7: Geometry Angle Variables

In geometry, angles are often represented by variables.

For example, “θ” is a common variable used to represent an angle.

8: Probability Variables

In probability theory, variables represent outcomes or events in a experiment.

For example, result of a coin toss or the roll of a die.

9: Chemical Variables

In chemistry, variables represent quantities like the concentration of a substance, temperature, or pressure in chemical reactions.

10: Engineering Variables

In engineering, variables can represent physical properties such as velocity, force, electrical current, and temperature in various engineering applications

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