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10 Examples of Vertical Angles

October 14, 2023
written by Rida Mirza

In mathematics, vertical angles are a important concept. Vertical angles are formed when two lines intersect, and their opposing angles are congruent.

In this article, we will discuss ten examples of vertical angles in mathematics.

Image showing examples of vertical angles
In this article, we will discuss ten examples of vertical angles in mathematics.

Examples of Vertical Angles

These are 10 examples of vertical angles.

1: Open Scissors

When you open a pair of scissors, the two blades form an “X” shape. The angles formed at the intersection of the blades are vertical angles.

2: Book Pages

When you open a book, the pages often form vertical angles at the center crease.

The angle formed by each page with the center crease is a pair of vertical angles.

3: Carpenter’s Square

Carpenter’s squares, commonly used in woodworking and construction, have two arms that meet at a right angle.

The angles formed when the arms intersect are vertical angles.

4: Street Signs

Poles that support street signs often intersect with the horizontal and vertical bars, forming vertical angles.

5: Picture Frames

Picture frames with corners create vertical angles at the corners.

6: Traffic Lights

Bars holding traffic lights at intersections meet at specific angles. These angles are vertical angles.

7: Fences and Gates

Fences and gates often have vertical posts intersected by horizontal beams or bars. The angles at the intersection points are vertical angles.

8: Computer Screens

In dual-monitor setups, the screens are often aligned at an angle to meet the viewer’s eye level.

The angle at which the screens intersect is a pair of vertical angles.

9: Railroad Tracks

Railroad tracks on a straight stretch of railway form pairs of vertical angles where they intersect.

10: Sports Field Goalposts

In sports like football and soccer, the goalposts are supported by vertical posts. The angles at which the crossbar intersects with the vertical posts are vertical angles.

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