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10 Examples of Web Pages

September 13, 2023

Web pages are the core components of websites, come in various forms, and serve distinct purposes. From the familiar homepages that greet us to the specialized landing pages designed to spur action, each web page serves a unique purpose in the ever-evolving online ecosystem.

Examples of Web Pages

The internet contains millions of web pages with various functions. Here are some examples of web pages:

Image showing Examples of web pages
The internet contains millions of web pages with various functions. Here are some examples of web pages:

1. Homepages

The landing page of a website introduces the site and offers navigation to other pages, such as Google.com.

2. Blog pages

Pages on a website that contain blog posts. Blog pages are typically updated regularly with new content. Example: WordPress blog pages.

3. Article pages

Web pages that contain articles, stories, tutorials, guides, etc. They provide longer-form content than a typical homepage. Example: News article pages.

4. Product pages

Product pages on retail sites like Amazon provide information on a specific item, including details, photos, and pricing.

5. Profile pages

Profile pages on social media sites, such as Facebook, display user or company information.

6. Landing pages

Pages built for a specific promotion, advertisement, or campaign. Their purpose is to encourage a visitor to take a desired action. Example: Signup landing pages.

7. Contact pages

Web pages containing business/organization’s contact information, such as phone numbers, emails, addresses, and contact forms.

8. Category/Section pages

On a website, content can be grouped into pages such as “All Articles” or “TV Show Episodes”, or into major sections like Services, Products, About, Contact, etc.

9. Error pages

Pages are displayed when a 404 error or other issues occur on a website. Error pages notify the user something went wrong.

10. Help page

This page offers guidance on how to utilize a product, service, or website. It aims to provide clear instructions to users.

This article explains common web page types and their purposes. Websites typically include a mix of these pages for a complete online experience.

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