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How can i help my child improve in math?

July 28, 2022
written by Azhar Ejaz

Math is a subject that makes every child crazy to learn, if not properly taught. Parents often struggle to help their children with this subject. Parents need to guide their children properly for a better learning experience.

Being a math teacher for the last 7 seven years, I have compiled a list of ways for parents to help their children improve in math subjects.

1. Choose the right material for teaching

Parents are suggested to buy the best book that their child is comfortable reading. Kids don’t enjoy reading books, only when it is related to their interests. They like to read books that include cartoons, pictures, and characters that can relate to their own lives.

2. Play games with your kid

Games are the best way to teach kids maths. Parents should make their kids play maths games. These games are fun, and interesting and help your kids to learn new concepts.

3. Keep your child in the middle

If a child is behind in maths, parents should never push him to take difficult subjects. It will create huge pressure for him, and he will learn only a bit. The child should be pushed to learn the basic concepts and should understand that it is difficult to score higher. If the child fails, then there is no harm in telling him. He will definitely try harder the next time.

4. Make your child practice and practice

Every parent wants to see his kid as smart, but it is not possible if the kid is not studying and practicing. Parents should encourage their children to take maths classes regularly. Also, parents should spend time with their kids and play games with them. Kids can learn a lot by playing games.

5. Help your child by setting goals

If the child has an understanding of the concept, then he will do well in the class. Parents should set goals for their kids and tell them to achieve those goals.

6. Make your child understand that Maths is not only about maths

Parents need to make their kids understand that maths can be used in any field. If a kid can do maths, then it can be applied to any business. It will help the kid to get a good job, so the parents should explain this to the kids.

If you want to help your kid to learn math, then choose the best materials and make them play games, teach them about goal setting and help them to make sense of the concept.