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Natural Number Mean in Math?

August 12, 2022
written by Azhar Ejaz

Natural numbers are a part of the number system, including all the positive numbers from 1 to infinity. Natural numbers are also called counting numbers because they do not include a negative number or zero. They are a part of real numbers including only the positive integers, but not zero, decimals, negative numbers, fractions

What is a natural number?

 The set of Natural numbers of all the whole numbers excluding 0. These numbers are used in our daily life and day-to-day speech and activities. We see numbers everywhere around us, for counting things, representing or exchanging money, telling the time, for measuring the temperature, , etc. These numbers that are used for counting things are called ‘natural numbers.

 For example,

 While counting things, we say 2 tables, 4 books, 13bottle, and so on

Example of Natural number:

An example of a natural number 23,54,67,1000,

Set of natural numbers:

A set is a collection of objects (numbers in this context). The set of natural numbers in Mathematics is written as {1,2,3,…}. The set of natural numbers is represented by the symbol, N.


Statement formN=Set of all positive  numbers starting from 1
Roster formN={1,2,3,4…}
Set Builder formN={XIX belong to natural number}  

Smallest natural number:

The smallest natural number is 1. We know that the smallest element in N is 1 because the natural number starts from 1 and that for every element in N, we can talk about the next element in terms of 1 and N (which is 1 more than that element). For example, two is one more than one, three is one more than two, and four is one more than three, and so on.

0 is a natural number?

No, 0 is NOT a natural number because natural numbers starting from 1 are counting numbers. For counting any number of things, we start counting from 1 and not from 0.

What Is even a natural number?

The even natural numbers are the numbers that are even, exactly divided by 2, and belong to the set N.

 So the set of even natural numbers is {2,4,6,8,…}.

What IS an odd natural number?

The odd natural numbers cannot be divided exactly two are the numbers that are odd and belong to the set N.

 So the set of odd natural numbers is {1,3,5,7,…}.

A natural number is represented by a number line:

The set of natural numbers shown on the number line as given below. All the positive integers or the integers on the right-hand side of 0, represent the natural numbers, whereas, all the positive integers along with zero, denoted the whole numbers.

feature image of natural numbr
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