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Relationship Between Computer Science and Mathematics

May 2, 2023

Computer science and mathematics have a close relationship. Mathematics provides the theoretical framework for computer science, while computer science offers mathematical tools to solve complex problems.

Basics of Computer Science and Mathematics

Computer science focuses on the study of computation, programming languages, algorithms, and data structures, while mathematics is centered around the exploration of numbers, quantities, and shapes.

Both computer science and mathematics use symbols and logic to express concepts and ideas.

Examples of How Computer Science and Mathematics Interact


Cryptography is an example of how computer science and mathematics work together. Cryptography refers to the act of establishing secure communication channels in situations where there may be third-party adversaries present.

Cryptography relies on mathematical concepts such as prime numbers, modular arithmetic, and elliptic curves.

Graph Theory

Graph theory is a mathematical concept that has many applications in computer science. Graph theory is the study of graphs, which are collections of nodes connected by edges. Graphs can be used to model networks, social connections, and transportation systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another example of how computer science and mathematics intersect. AI uses mathematical models to learn from data and make predictions.

AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning rely heavily on linear algebra, calculus, and probability theory.