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Use of computers in the medical field

August 8, 2022

As we know that in this era the use of computer is very popular in every field of life but in the medical field computer is very helpful for doctors to treat disease.

Technology has made our life so easy that we don’t have to ask anybody for help. Today, you can access everything and anything online. In addition to that, technology is providing more options to people.

The computer is also helpful in the way that a patient remains in touch with his doctor. And by the internet, we can also obtain the opinions of senior doctors. With the help of technology, a doctor can see a patient from all parts of the world. It is not necessary that the doctor will be present in the place where the patient resides.

Here are some of the uses of computers in the medical field are given:


The computer is also used for the ultrasound. Ultrasound is the process in which the waves are used to take pictures of the inside of the body of the patient and all this is done by the computer.

Doctors see the image of internal parts using the computer to examine. The process of detection of the disease is done by the waves which work on the principle of the computer. And this is helpful for the treatment of the patients.

image showing the Ultrasound machine


Radiology is the branch of the medical which works on the principle of using waves or rays to detect the problem within the body which is all done by the computer.  Radiologists use machines such as for X-rays these all are the type the computers. The So computer is very important in the field of radiology.


MRI is also done by a machine that uses magnetic fields and radio waves and this is all due to the computer that detects the properties of the living tissues.

image showing the MRI machine

In laboratories

The computer is also very useful in laboratories such as when samples are taken and their results are analyzed. Computers are also very useful in determining the level of proteins, amino acids, and carbohydrates.


As we know that today surgery is not difficult to do because a lot of surgeries are done by the computer in which doctors do not stitch the cut portion of the body rather all this is done by the computer.

image showing the use of computer in surgery

Computer-assisted therapies              

In the medical field, therapies are given to patients to cure their diseases. But now a lot of therapies are those which use the technique of the computer. The computer is helpful for patient therapies. There are a lot of therapies for depression patients that are assisted by the computer.

Maintenance of record

The computer is the only device through which we can do anything, we can use it in any field. In the medical field, the computer is also useful in maintaining the record of the patient’s report or bill payments.

image showing the computer used for record keeping

The computer saves records of the patients which is useful for both of the patient and the doctor through which the doctor treats the patients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the five uses of computers in the medical field?

·      Computers are used in hospitals to keep a record of patients and employees.
·      They are also used by surgeons for surgery.
·       Doctors also used the internet to communicate with patients online.
·      Computers are also used for X-Rays.
·      Computers are used for the ultrasound.

What are the advantages of computers in the medical field?

There are many advantages of computers in the medical field
They help doctors to communicate with their patients through the internet. They also help in the surgery and many other tests like X-rays, MIR, CT scans, etc.

Can computers be used to perform surgery in hospitals?

Yes, computers are used in surgeries to control the movement of the instruments in the patient’s body by seeing on the computer screen. They are also used during surgeries to see the heat beat of the patient.

Top 10 Ways Computers Are Used In Healthcare World

·      CT Scan
·      Keeping record
·      X-rays
·      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
·      Communication
·      Surgeries
·      Radiology
·      Spectroscopy
·      Monitoring the patient
·      For medical research