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What is Denominator Mean In Math?

August 18, 2022
written by Azhar Ejaz

In math, A denominator can be defined is a number that is placed below the horizontal line of a fraction. It is the bottom number is said to be the denominator of a fraction that shows the total number of equal parts an object is divided into. In this article learn more about the denominator.

What is the denominator?

A denominator is the part of a fraction that is placed below the fractional bar. The denominator represents the total amount of parts that make up a whole. A fraction can be identified by a horizontal bar between two numbers and sometimes the symbol “/”. This symbol or bar is known as the “fractional bar.” The number on the top of a fractional bar is known as the “numerator”, and the number below the fractional bar is known as the “denominator”.

For any fraction x/y, ‘x’ is the numerator, and ‘y’ is the denominator. Fractions show a part of a whole.

Mathematically, it is represented by the division of two numbers.

For example; 3/4

3 is a nominator

4 is denominator

showing the feature image of a fraction

Nominator and denominator

The denominator represents how many parts make up a unit or a whole. The numerator represents the number of parts that we have selected out of the total number of equal parts.

For example:

in the fraction 3/7, the numerator 3 show 3 equal parts selected by us, and the denominator 7, represents the 7 equal parts created initially.


Example of denominator

The examples of denominators can be understood in a simple method. In the fraction p/q, p is the numerator and q is the denominator. Apart from numbers, variables are also explained in the same form such as x/y, a/b, p/q, where y, b and q are the denominators respectively.

few examples of denominators are given in the table below: