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Tidal Energy-Formation and Sources

August 4, 2022
written by Adeel Abbas

Tidal energy is a type of non-conventional energy produced by the natural rise and fall of tides caused by gravitational interactions between the Earth, Sun, and Moon

Tidal Energy

Tides are formed because of the Earth’s rotation, and it occurs when the water is near the surface. The water is attracted to the sun and the moon, but the Sun and the Moon don’t have any effect on the water near the surface, but as soon as it enters the atmosphere, the water is affected by the force of the wind and the air pressure.

image showing the tidal energy

So, it can be said that the water is pulled up and down by the Sun and the Moon, but the Earth’s rotation is also responsible for the formation of tides. In the oceans, the water is pushed and pulled up and down. This is the main cause of tides.

Formation of Tides

Let us discuss some of the other forces which cause the formation of tides.

Tidal Currents           

The tidal currents are the most important force in the formation of tides. The flow of the tidal current is controlled by the moon and the sun. When the moon is near the earth, it pulls the water up, and it is known as a ‘high tide’.

When the moon moves away, it causes the water to get lower. This is called a ‘low tide’. When the tide is moving up and down in a large area, it is known as a tidal bore.


Gravity is another important force of nature that forms tides. Gravity makes the water pull towards the Sun and the Moon, and this is why there is a low tide in the evening and a high tide in the morning.

Tidal Power is the power created by the motion of ocean waves. It is the renewable energy source generated by the movement of the waves. This energy is converted into an electric current and stored in the battery.

The tidal power is mainly generated by the tides. These tides are caused by the difference between high tide and low tide. The difference in sea level between these two phases is called the Tidal range.

Tidal power is basically the energy generated by the oscillations of the sea level. In other words, it is the movement of water that is used to generate electricity. As the sea level rises, there is less space for water to pass.

The pressure of water increases and that’s why the sea level is higher than the air pressure. There is a similar situation when the water level is low. The water pressure is lower than the air pressure and there is more space available for the water to move.

Tidal Energy Sources

Tidal power is mainly generated by the following sources.

1. The Tidal stream generator

This device is used to convert the water flow from one direction to another. The device is made of turbines, which are similar to the ones used in wind turbines. The water flow passes through these turbines and it generates electricity.

2. The marine water turbine

This is the oldest type of Tidal energy plant. This device works on the same principle as the wind turbine. It is basically used to create electricity.

3. The Wave energy converter

This is a large structure made of steel or concrete. The structure is fixed in the sea. When the water moves against the structure, it generates electricity.

4. The floating buoys

The device is fixed to the seabed and it works on the same principle as the wave energy converter. The buoy converts the waves into electricity.

5. The tidal barrage

It is also known as the tidal dam. It is a large structure built on the coast. When the tide comes, the water is forced to rush through the barrage. As a result, there is a lot of friction and that’s why the energy is generated.

Tidal power is a renewable energy source. The generation of this energy is not harmful to the environment. The only drawback is that this energy source can only be generated in a few places.