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5 letter words starting with J

January 18, 2024
written by Areej Khan

Many 5-letter words in English start with the letter ‘J’. Learning these words can help you play word games and crossword puzzles better. Below is a list of some 5-letter ‘J’ words to help you.

JabotA decorative frill or ruffleHe wore a jabot with his formal suit.
JacksA children’s game involving small objectsThey played jacks on the playground.
JadedWorn out or fatiguedShe felt jaded after the long journey.
JaggyHaving sharp points or projectionsThe jaggy rocks made climbing difficult.
JailsPlaces for the confinement of prisonersThe old jails were known for their harsh conditions.
JambA side post or surface of a doorwayThe door jamb was intricately carved.
JapesJokes or playful remarksHis japes always lightened the mood.
JarA wide-mouthed containerShe filled the jar with fresh flowers.
JatosJets assisting takeoff of aircraftThe aircraft was equipped with jatos for short runways.
JauntA short excursion or journeyThey went on a jaunt to the countryside.
JawedTalked or conversedThey jawed about old times.
JazzyBright, colorful, and showyShe wore a jazzy dress to the party.
JeansDenim trousersHe wore his favorite pair of jeans.
JeersRude and mocking remarksThe unpopular decision was met with jeers.
JellyA soft, semi-solid food substanceShe spread jelly on her toast.
JestsJokes or witty remarksHis jests kept everyone entertained.
JettyA landing stage or small pierThey walked along the jetty at sunset.
JewelA precious stoneThe crown was adorned with jewels.
JibedMade taunting remarksHe jibed at their poor performance.
JiffyA very short timeI’ll be ready in a jiffy!
JigA lively danceThey learned a traditional Irish jig.
JiltsSuddenly ends a romantic relationshipShe jilts her fiancé unexpectedly.
JingoExcessive patriotism or aggressive nationalismHis jingo attitude was off-putting to some.
JinksQuick evasive turnsThe player’s jinks confused his opponent.
JivedPerformed a lively danceThey jived energetically all evening.
JocksAthletes, especially in collegeThe jocks were popular in the school.
JokedSaid something amusing or playfulHe joked to lighten the atmosphere.
JollyCheerful and friendlyHer jolly demeanor was infectious.
JoltsSudden, powerful movementsThe rollercoaster was full of jolts.
JoustA medieval sportKnights used to joust in tournaments.
JowlsThe lower part of a person’s or animal’s cheekHis jowls shook when he laughed.
JoysGreat pleasures or happinessThe joys of childhood are incomparable.
JudgeA public official appointed to decide cases in a courtThe judge delivered the verdict.
JuiceA liquid obtained from fruits or vegetablesShe made fresh orange juice for breakfast.
JulepA sweet flavored drink of bourbon and mintHe enjoyed a julep on the porch.
JumboVery largeThey saw a jumbo jet at the airport.
JumpsLeaps or springsThe cat jumps onto the windowsill.
JunctA point of time, especially one made critical by a concurrence of circumstancesAt this junct, we must decide.
JunksDiscards as no longer usefulHe junks his old car for a new model.
JuntoA political grouping or factionThe junto influenced many decisions.
JupesShort jackets or tunicsThe dancers wore colorful jupes.
JurorA member of a juryAs a juror, she had to be impartial.
JustsTreats or considers with justiceThe leader justs all complaints fairly.
JutesA member of a Germanic peopleThe Jutes were one of the Anglo-Saxon tribes.
JuvenYouthful or immatureHis juven behavior was often amusing.
JuxtaBeside or close toThe juxta position of the buildings was unique.
JynxA type of bird, also known as a wryneckThey spotted a jynx in the forest.

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