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5 letter words starting with I

January 18, 2024
written by Areej Khan

Many 5-letter words in English start with the letter “I”. Learning these words can help you play word games and crossword puzzles better. Below is a list of 5-letter ‘I’ words to help you.

IdealPerfectly suitableHer work ethic is the ideal standard.
IdeasThoughts or conceptsShe always has innovative ideas.
IdiomA group of words with a peculiar meaning“Break a leg” is an interesting idiom.
IdiotA very foolish personHe felt like an idiot after the mistake.
IdledSpent time doing nothingHe idled away the afternoon.
IdolsObjects of extreme devotionTeenagers often have music idols.
IglooA dome-shaped Eskimo houseThey built an igloo during the winter camp.
IguanaA large lizardAn iguana basked in the sun.
ImageA representation of the external formThe image in the mirror was clear.
ImbueInspire with feelings or opinionsThe leader imbue his followers with hope.
ImitCopy or simulateShe imit her favorite singer’s style.
ImmixMix or blend togetherThe painter immix various colors.
ImpelDrive or urge forwardDuty impel him to speak out.
ImplyIndicate the truth or existenceHis tone imply that he was upset.
InaneSilly; stupidThe movie’s plot was inane and predictable.
IncasMembers of a South American Indian peopleThe Incas were known for their architecture.
IncurBecome subject toHe incur debts due to his lavish spending.
IndexAn alphabetical list of names or subjectsThe book had a detailed index at the end.
IndiaA country in South AsiaIndia is known for its rich cultural heritage.
IndueEndow or provideThe scholarship indue him with new opportunities.
IneptHaving or showing no skillHis attempts at cooking were somewhat inept.
InfixInsert or attachThe teacher infix a note in the report.
InfosInformation or detailsShe gathered all the necessary infos for the project.
IngotA block of steel, gold, silver, or other metalThe gold ingot was impressively heavy.
InhaleBreathe inHe inhale deeply to calm his nerves.
InionA part of the skullThe inion is located at the base of the skull.
InkleA type of narrow woven tapeShe used inkle to decorate the costume.
InlayA design inserted in somethingThe table had an intricate inlay of ivory.
InletA small arm of the sea, a lake, or a riverThey explored a secluded inlet by kayak.
InnerLocated inside or further inHis inner thoughts were complex.
InputWhat is put in, taken in, or operated onShe valued everyone’s input during the meeting.
InrunThe approach or start of a ski jumpThe skier gained speed during the inrun.
InsetA thing that is insertedThe book had colorful insets on each page.
InterPlace in a grave or tombThe family inter their ancestors in this cemetery.
IntisPeruvian currency unitsIntis were once used in Peru.
IntroAn introductionThe book’s intro was captivating.
InuitA member of an indigenous people of northern Canada and parts of Greenland and AlaskaThe Inuit have a rich cultural history.
InvexCurved or rounded outwardThe mirror had an invex surface.
IodinA chemical elementIodin is essential for thyroid function.
IonicOf or relating to Ionia or the IoniansThe temple featured ionic columns.
IrateFeeling or showing extreme angerHe was irate after hearing the news.
IreAnger or wrathHis decision sparked considerable ire.
IronsHandcuffs or shacklesThe criminal was placed in irons.
IronyThe expression of meaning using language that normally signifies the oppositeThe irony of the situation was not lost on him.
IslesSmall islandsThe isles were visible on the horizon.
IssueAn important topic for debate or discussionThe magazine focused on environmental issues.
ItemsIndividual things or unitsShe checked the items on her shopping list.
IvoryHard white material from elephant tusksThe piano had ivory keys.
IxoraA type of flowering plantThe garden was full of blooming ixora.

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