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5 Letter Words With Meaning and Example

January 18, 2024
written by Areej Khan

There are many 5-letter words in English. Learning these words can help you play word games and crossword puzzles better. Below is a list of some 5-letter words to help grow your vocabulary.

WordMeaning (Grammar Type)Example Sentence
ElbowThe joint between forearm and upper arm (Noun)“He injured his elbow playing tennis.”
FluteA wind instrument (Noun)“She played a melody on the flute.”
GrapeA berry fruit (Noun)“He picked a bunch of grapes from the vine.”
HotelAn establishment providing accommodations (Noun)“They stayed at a luxury hotel.”
InertLacking the ability to move (Adjective)“The inert gas does not react with other substances.”
JoustA medieval sport (Noun)“Knights would joust at the tournament.”
KnifeAn instrument for cutting (Noun)“He sharpened the kitchen knife.”
LemonA yellow citrus fruit (Noun)“She added lemon to her tea.”
MangoA tropical fruit (Noun)“Mango is her favorite fruit.”
NobleHaving high moral qualities (Adjective)“He was known for his noble deeds.”
OliveA small oval fruit (Noun)“She topped the salad with olives.”
PianoA musical instrument (Noun)“He learned to play the piano as a child.”
QuotaA fixed share or allowance (Noun)“The factory has a monthly production quota.”
RobotA machine capable of carrying out tasks (Noun)“The robot performed the task accurately.”
ScaleAn instrument for measuring weight (Noun)“The scale showed her weight accurately.”
TruthThe quality of being true (Noun)“He swore to tell the truth.”
UlcerA sore on the skin or mucous membrane (Noun)“He was treated for an ulcer.”
VagueUnclear or indistinct (Adjective)“She had a vague idea of what she wanted.”
WheatA cereal grain (Noun)“Wheat is used to make bread.”
XyloRelating to wood (Prefix)“The xylophone is a wooden instrument.”
YieldProduce or provide (Verb)“The farm’s yield of corn was abundant this year.”
ZonalRelating to a zone (Adjective)“The city is divided into zonal districts.”
AbbeyA monastery or convent (Noun)“They visited the ancient abbey.”
BadgeA distinctive emblem (Noun)“The officer wore a badge.”
CamelA large, long-necked ungulate (Noun)“The camel can survive in desert conditions.”
DeterDiscourage someone from doing something (Verb)“High costs deter many from pursuing further education.”
EagerWanting to do or have something very much (Adjective)“She was eager to start her new job.”
FairyA small imaginary being (Noun)“Children love stories about fairies.”
GavelA small mallet (Noun)“The judge struck the gavel.”
HasteExcessive speed (Noun)“In her haste, she forgot her keys.”
IdealPerfectly suitable (Adjective)“They found an ideal spot for camping.”
JokerA person who is fond of joking (Noun)“He’s always been the joker of the family.”
KnackA skill or an ability (Noun)“He has a knack for gardening.”
LiverA large vital organ (Noun)“Liver function is essential for health.”
MotifA decorative design (Noun)“The fabric had a floral motif.”
NicheA comfortable or suitable position (Noun)“She found her niche in the academic world.”
OvateEgg-shaped (Adjective)“The leaves of the plant were ovate.”
PanelA flat board (Noun)“The control panel had several buttons.”
QuirkA peculiar behavioral habit (Noun)“His biggest quirk is his obsession with cleanliness.”
RallyA mass meeting of people (Noun)“Supporters held a rally for the candidate.”
RealmA kingdom (Noun)“The realm was known for its prosperous trade.”
ScentA distinctive smell (Noun)“The scent of roses filled the garden.”
TallyA total count (Noun)“The final tally of votes was surprising.”
UrbanRelating to a city (Adjective)“Urban development is on the rise.”
ValidLegally acceptable (Adjective)“The contract is valid and enforceable.”
WagonA heavy four-wheeled vehicle (Noun)“They loaded the wagon with supplies.”
XericRelating to dry environments (Adjective)“Xeric plants require little water.”
YouthThe time of being young (Noun)“His youth was spent traveling.”
ZestyHaving a strong, pleasant flavor (Adjective)“The sauce was zesty and flavorful.”
AlignPlace or arrange things in a straight line (Verb)“Align the tiles carefully.”
BriskActive and energetic (Adjective)“She enjoyed a brisk walk in the morning.”
CrispFirm, dry, and brittle (Adjective)“The apples were sweet and crisp.”
DweltPast tense of dwell (Verb)“He dwelt on the memories of his home.”
ExaltHold someone in very high regard (Verb)“They exalt heroes of the past.”
FlairA special or instinctive aptitude (Noun)“She has a flair for languages.”
GrimeDirt ingrained on the surface of something (Noun)“His hands were covered in grime.”
HoistRaise by means of ropes and pulleys (Verb)“Hoist the flag on the mast.”
InlayDecorate the surface of something (Verb)“The box was inlaid with ivory.”
JoustA medieval sport (Noun)“The knights prepared to joust.”
KnollA small hill or mound (Noun)“The house was built on a knoll.”

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