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10 Examples of Dependent Events

October 22, 2023
written by Rida Mirza

In mathematics, Dependent events in probability are events where the outcome of one event affects the outcome of the other event.

In this article, we will discuss ten examples of dependent events in mathematics.

Image showing examples of dependent events

Examples of Dependent Events

These are 10 examples of dependent events.

1: Drawing Cards from a Deck

Drawing a card and not replacing it affects the probabilities of drawing specific cards in subsequent draws.

2: Marbles from a Bag

When drawing marbles from a bag without replacement the probability of drawing a certain color or type of marble, making the events dependent.

3: Rolling Dice

When you roll dice, the chance of getting certain results in a row.

For example, getting two sixes on two dice, is affected by what you rolled in the first throw.

4: Test Questions

In a multiple-choice test, the probability of answering the second question correctly depends on whether the first question was answered correctly.

5: Sequential Coin Flips

Flipping a coin multiple times and recording the outcomes sequentially results in dependent events.

6: Playing Cards in a Game

In card games like Poker, the probability of drawing specific hands depends on the cards that have been revealed. It is dependent events.

7: Choosing Socks from a Drawer

Picking two socks from a drawer, the chance of the second sock matching the first is influenced by your first pick.

8: Drawing Balls from Urns

When you draw balls from an urn without putting them back, the likelihood of picking particular colors or numbers in the next draws changes.

9: Lottery Draws

In some lottery formats, if you win a smaller prize, the probability of winning a larger prize in the same draw becomes zero. It is dependent events.

10:Bike having a flat tire

Getting a flat makes you late to work, so the events are dependent.

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