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15 Examples of Microphones

December 20, 2023
written by Nouman Bajwa

Dynamic Microphone, Condenser Microphone, Lavalier Microphone, Headset Microphone, USB Microphone, Shotgun Microphone, Boundary Microphone, and Ribbon Microphone are a few Examples of Microphones.

image showing Examples of Microphones

Examples of Microphones

Here are a few Examples of Microphones:

1. Dynamic Microphone

Dynamic microphones are rugged, versatile, and often used for vocals, instruments, and live sound reinforcement. Popular models like the Shure SM58 and Shure SM7B are built to handle wear and tear, making them a go-to choice for lead singers and speech applications.

2. Condenser Microphone

With excellent sensitivity and detail, condenser microphones excel at recording vocals, acoustic instruments, and studio applications. Top-shelf models like the Neumann U87 and Rode NT1-A are prized by artists and engineers seeking pristine audio quality.

3. Lavalier Microphone

Extremely tiny and clip-on, lavalier microphones enable presenters, broadcasters, and video talent to keep their hands free. Discreet models like the Countryman B3 and Sennheiser MKE 2 guarantee clear, intelligible audio during interviews, corporate AV events, and lectures.

4. Headset Microphone

Offering convenient hands-free operation, headset microphones are tailored to gamers, streamers, and remote meeting attendees. Lightweight picks such as the HyperX Cloud II headset mic ensure comunication comes through clearly amid gameplay audio and background noise.

5. USB Microphone

Hobbyists, podcasters, and home studio owners value the simplicity of plug-and-play USB microphones. User-friendly choices like the Blue Yeti and Audio-Technica AT2035 make high-quality recording straightforward for content creators without much gear knowledge.

6. Shotgun Microphone

The highly directional pick-up pattern of shotgun microphones allows them to capture focused sound on production sets, at press events, and during interviews. Positioned correctly, shotguns like the Rode NTG4 isolate dialog from surrounding commotion.

7. Boundary Microphone

Lying flat to pick up sound reflected off tabletops, boundary microphones lend themselves perfectly to meetings and conference settings. Their low profile keeps choices like the Shure MX391 and Audio-Technica BP4000 out of view during video calls or boardroom discussions.

8. Ribbon Microphone

With their smooth, natural sound profile, ribbon microphones are favored for warmer renditions of vocals and acoustic instruments in studio work and high-end recording scenarios. Boutique models from Royer, AEA, and other makers capture intimate audio textures.

9. Contact Microphone

Unlike conventional models, contact microphones adhere directly to objects using vibration-sensitive elements. Attached to percussion, strings, and other surfaces, they enable unusual sound effects picking up vibrations.

10. Wireless Microphone

Wireless systems with lavalier mics or handheld transmitters allow presenters, fitness instructors, and stage performers to move freely without cables. Combinations like the Shure GLXD24 beta SM58 kit deliver clear audio signal evenly as talent roams a venue.

11. Earset Microphone

Ideal for theater, broadcast TV, and other staged productions, low-profile earset microphones position an unobtrusive mic right near talent’s mouth. Performers appreciate a secure, integrated solution like the Countryman E6 headworn mic or Shure MX153.

12. Smartphone Microphone

Today’s smartphones feature built-in mics adequate for phone calls, video clips, and voice memos. While basic, the microphone capabilities simplify casual use when convenience outweighs premium sound quality.

13. Computer Microphone

Laptops, tablets, and desktop setups usually come equipped with no-fuss mics suitable for web meetings, remote class sessions, and other communication needs. The integrated computer microphones offer recognizable audio quickly without extra equipment.

14. Gaming Microphone

Dedicated gaming microphones boast enhanced pick-up patterns and noise reduction capabilities so multiplayer team chatter comes across clearly. Choices like the HyperX QuadCast S minimize background sounds that could distract during intense play.

15. VR Microphone

To enable voice interactions within virtual worlds, metaverse-ready devices like the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset offer built-in mics near wearers’ mouths. While basic, integrated VR headset microphones capture speech adequately amid simulated environments.

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