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10 Examples of Circles in Math

September 14, 2023
written by Rida Mirza

When it comes to basic geometric shapes, the circle is one of the most fundamental and easy-to-grasp concepts in mathematics.

A circle is a perfectly round shape with all points equidistant from its center.

In this article, we will understand the 10 examples of circles.

image showing the examples of circle

Examples of Circles

1: Clock Face

The clock face is an example of a circle. The numbers and the clock hands move in a circle to tell us the time.

2: Pizza

A delicious pizza is often a circle. You can cut it into slices, and each slice is a part of the whole circle.

3: Hula Hoop

When you play with a hula hoop, you’re dealing with a circle. The hula hoop goes around and around your waist in a circular motion.

4: CD or DVD

The discs you use to play music or watch movies are circles. When you spin them in the player, they create circular patterns.

5: Bicycle Wheel

The wheels on a bicycle are large circles that help you move forward. They spin as you pedal, allowing you to ride.

6: Button

Buttons on your shirt or jacket are small circles. They have a round shape, making it easy to attach and unbutton them.

7: Ball

Balls, like soccer balls or basketballs, are also circular. When you kick or bounce them, they move in circular paths.

8: Balloon

Blow up a balloon, and you’ll see a circular shape. It’s fun to let it go and watch it zip around the room.

9:  Earth

Yes, our planet Earth is a giant sphere, which is a three-dimensional circle. When you look at it from space, it’s a circular shape.

10: Sun

The sun, which provides us with light and warmth, is a massive ball of hot gases. When we see it in the sky, it looks like a perfect circle.

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