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12 Uses of Computer at Home

August 8, 2022

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Computers are playing an important role in a home. They offer many uses and benefits when used at home. From entertainment and communication to education and productivity, computers play a crucial role in many aspects of our home life.

12 Uses of Computer at Home

Here are some common uses of computers at home:

1. Home Budget

A computer is used to make budgets at home. We can easily calculate our expenses and income and how to utilize the money by making a proper plan. We can make a proper plan by making columns of our expenses and income. And then we can easily calculate the money budget given in these columns.

 2. Computer games

The computer is most importantly used for playing games at home. Different types of games are available on computers which are a source of refreshment and entertainment for us. By playing some games our mental capability increases and becomes strong.

3. Working from home

A Computer is also helpful for online work. Such as, we can manage our work at home and owners also check their work online. Sometimes people also start an online business. People manage their offices by sitting at home.

5. Entertainment

A Computer is also a source of entertainment. A lot of entertaining videos, movies, and other things are available on the internet. We can also download songs and movies to watch later. We can also watch live matches on the Internet.

6. Information

A Computer is the only platform that provides a lot of information about any topic without any waste of time. Many educational websites are available. We can also download books from here.

7. Chatting

A computer can also provide the benefit of chatting with our friends. We can send messages and data.

8. Online shopping

A Computer is also a source of shopping. We can buy anything by sitting at home. Today people buy things with just one click. We can visit websites for dresses or kitchen accessories and just order things that we like. After this, we can place our order and the delivery boy deliver this order to our home.

9. Online bill payment

A Computer also provides the facility of online bill payment.


Many people work more than one job at a time so they cannot go everywhere by themselves to pay. As a result, they pay their bills online

4 515382 47736 213588

10. Business

Today computer is also useful for online business or marketing. It is the business that happens on the internet. We can also buy and sell things online by providing online services. We do not face the problem of time in online business. We can work at any time and any place.

11. Online Education

A computer is a big source of online education. We can find lectures on any topic. We can also take online courses. If we have no time for our kids to teach them then we can provide them with computers for online education.

12. Internet Browsing

Computers provide access to the internet, allowing users to browse websites, search for information, read news, watch videos, and shop online. For this purpose, different web browsers are used.