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Use of Computers in Education Field

August 8, 2022

In education, the computer is useful for improving learning and teaching activities. The computer is used to adopt a better way of teaching that is helpful for student’s learning.

Many programs are available for the learning of the students. The use of computers has become ubiquitous in schools around the world. They are now being used in classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, gyms, and playgrounds.

Computer Lab

In the computer lab, students can do practicals on computers. through which they can learn everything clearly.

image showing the computer Lab

The use of computers in education has increased dramatically over the years. As a result, teachers are finding new ways to incorporate these devices into their teaching methods.

Computer-based training

The training that is based on the computer is known as computer-based training. In CBT the means of delivery of programs is through the computer. In these programs texts, graphics, and also sounds are included. It also provides audio and video lectures. It also costs less and a lot of people are trained in less time.


The benefits provided by computer-based training are given below:

  • Students can easily learn new skills without a time limit. They can gain knowledge at any time and any place according to their choice.
  • They can reduce or increase their training time.
  • The material provided in CBT is easy and attractive for students. In this way, students learn their topic effectively.
  • In CBT the problem of time is easily eliminated.
  • In CBT a large number of students are trained at distant places.

Educational Television

The television programs that are used in the field of distance education are known as television education. It may be in the form of individual television programs or dedicated specialty channels that is often associated with cable television as Public, educational, and government access (PEG) channel providers.

image showing the educational TV

Computer-Aided learning

In computer-aided learning information technology is used for effective teaching and enhancing learning skills. It also reduces the use of the time that is spent on preparing the teaching material. It also reduces other loads such as administrative load and research. It enhances the learning skills and teaching skills through the use of multimedia and slides.

Online Education

The computer also provides online education through various sites. We can download books and educational material from the internet. Some institutes provide online education. Students can also ask questions with the help of emails.

image showing the computer for online education


In computer class practical of computers is only done with a computer. As we know that performance is very important for learning, therefore, computers are used for the performance of these topics that the teacher teaches the students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are computers used in the field of education?

Computers are not only useful for online education and research, but they can also help students to find and organize information for their projects and assignments. Students can access a wealth of resources that can help them with their studies by using the internet.

What are the advantages of computers in education?

Computers and the internet have offered an immeasurable amount of resources for learning, making education more flexible and accessible. Students can now gain knowledge and information from traditional in-classroom assignments and libraries and from a wide range of online resources.

What is the use of computers in school? Write five points.

·         Teachers use computers to prepare lectures.
·         Teachers also use computers to deliver lectures.
·         Computer is also used for maintaining records.
·         Students use computers to make presentations.
·         Computers are used for research work.