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Use of Computers in the Field of Chemistry

August 10, 2022

As we know computer is used in every field of life. The computer is also used in chemistry. In chemistry, the computer is used for the representation of the structures of the molecules and for the collection of information.

As we know that computer provides us with information about every aspect of chemistry. Chemists use the internet to collect information about their research. Teachers use computer resources to provide information about chemistry to theory students. Here some uses of computers in chemistry are given:


As we know that students need to acquire skills to develop scientific arguments and also want to know how to analyze the results or hypothesis. Many online tools are present to fulfill their needs according to this. Students also search for information from computers.

Digital Demonstration

In chemistry, the most difficult step for the students is to draw the three-dimensional(3D) structures of the molecules and to interact one molecule with the other molecule.

It is difficult to illustrate these reactions but this is done with the help of the computer very easily. As we know that 3D structures are very important for learning procedures but this is impossible to draw without the help of a computer.

Many techniques are used to illustrate the reactions in the classrooms. Such as sometimes teachers use molecular animation for the student’s understanding. If we want to provide students with such molecular visualization we must invest in computers and digital projects. We must hold teachers’ computer training.

Digital Library

With the passage of time, everything is available online, and no doubt that today we can also find online books. Professors should often emphasize to students that the most efficient method of obtaining such information is by searching the scientific literature via computer. Several investigators have also elaborated on line literature search.

Digital libraries are present that provide us with information. By definition, we know that it provides us with information for our present and future use. But the digital library provides us with images of the chemistry procedures through the internet. We can easily collect information about reactions and 3D images of the reactions.

Use Of Computers in Molecular Symmetry

Molecular Symmetry is dynamic information that can be searched and explored by anyone with Internet access. Some universities are going to incorporate various aspects of molecular symmetry into their curriculum. So it is easy for students to search this through the internet. All the symmetries and group multiplication tables are available online.


There is too much power of online publication because it shows the research work or scientific study of the country. It is also beneficial for the country’s progress. Later on, these research papers that are provided online are used by teachers for study. It is also helpful for students.