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What are Antivirus software-Types of Antivirus Software

August 5, 2022

Antivirus is the software that works with the computer and protects it from any malware, computer viruses, and Trojans. The antivirus software is available for all types of operating systems including Windows and Mac OS.

Different antivirus software is available in the market. But no single software can detect and remove all viruses. Many new viruses are invented and spread through the internet continuously.

Antivirus programs are also upgraded continuously to detect these new viruses. Antivirus program not only detects viruses from the computer but also prevent new viruses from entering the computer.

Invention of antivirus

Antivirus was invented in 1987 in the United States by John McAfee. The first version of VirusScan was released by him. Later on, Pasco released the first version of the NOD anti-virus.

Antivirus software works by scanning the incoming files programs and software on the computer. After scanning antivirus detects the virus from your computer and prevents the working of the virus in your computer. And then delete this virus from the computer.

Benefits of Antivirus

  • Antivirus programs protect important data from viruses.
  • It checks all files before they enter the computer system.
  • It alerts the user about the virus before it causes any damage to the computer.
  • It quarantines and eliminates a virus so that it may not harm the computer.
  • Some common types of antivirus programs are used to protect our system from viruses.

Types of Computer Antivirus Software

There are different types of software used to remove viruses from the computer.

Windows based antivirus

This is the most important type of antivirus is the Windows-based antivirus. The antivirus comes with the Windows Operating System. The installation of this type of antivirus is easy and it will run automatically when you turn on your computer. The best thing about this type of antivirus is that it is completely free.

Web-based antivirus

Web-based antivirus is a type of antivirus that means that you don’t need to install anything. Just visit the website and the antivirus will automatically scan the PC and detect the malware. This type of antivirus is completely free and it is user-friend.

Mobile antivirus

Mobile antivirus is very common for people to use the phone while they are online and this is the reason why mobile antivirus is one of the best antiviruses. The installation process is quite simple and it is completely free. The mobile antivirus is not recommended the Windows phone users, but it is safe to use for Android and iOS phones.

Cloud-based antivirus

Cloud-based antivirus is also known as virtual antivirus. It is a cloud-based software that is completely different from the other types of antivirus. It is similar to the web-based antivirus but it will work offline.

There are several advantages of using cloud-based antivirus. The most important thing is that it is completely free and it does not take up much space. You can also access the antivirus anytime and anywhere.

Top 5 Antivirus Software

Here are the top 5 best antivirus software.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is one of the most antivirus software. It is available for free, we can install it and use it easily.

It takes a significant amount of computer memory. It works with different Window Operation systems. It scans all the files on the system at regular intervals. It works as both antivirus and antispyware.


AVAST is a type of antivirus that is very good to use and provides strong security protection. It detects all types of viruses. AVAST antivirus is free for use and provides online protection and security and also provides protection for our Wi-Fi network.  


McAfee Virus Scan has been another well popular anti-virus program on the market for years, which has enabled the company to cement its position as a strong competitor to Symantec. It provides spyware and virus protection within one program, rather than separately as many other programs do. It is necessary to take out a subscription to use McAfee, but it will give you access to continuously updating virus protection

Norton 360

It is one of the best antiviruses. It protects our devices against viruses, malware, and other threats as we bank, shop, or post online. It also protects our data and personal information by updating our operating system and software.


It is the type of antivirus that stops the attack of the virus even before it begins. It is the best antivirus to protect our computers against all threats and viruses.