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Software- Definition, types of Software

July 30, 2022

Software is a set of instructions or commands given to a computer to solve a problem. It is also called a program.

It is the reverse of hardware which is the physical part of the computer.

Types of Software

There are two types of software.

image showing the types of software

System software

System software is a set of programs to control and manage the operations of computer hardware. It controls the usage and allocation of different hardware components such as keyboards, monitors, printers, mice, scanners and storage devices, etc.

It enables application programs to execute properly. It is like an interface between hardware and user applications, it helps the user and system to communicate with each other because hardware understands machine language, whereas user applications work in human-readable languages like English, Hindi, German, etc.

So system software converts the human-understandable language into the machine language and vice versa.

Features of system software

  • System Software is close to the system
  • They are written in a low-level language.
  • They are not easily understandable by humans.
  • They are difficult to design and understand.

  It controls the basic operations as follows:

  • Saving data on the desk
  • Making computers work for us
  • Printing a document etc.

Different types of system software

There are different types of system software

Operating System

The Operating System is computer software that allows a user to run application software on the computer as well as manage the devices of the machine. It manages the various components of a computer like the CPU, memory, etc. to enhance the productivity of the system.

It enables the execution of multiple programs in their own space at a single time.

Different types of operating systems




Mac OS

MS Windows etc.

Device Drivers

Device Driver software controls particular hardware which is generally attached to the computer. Device drivers control the devices and parts connected to a computer, enabling the computer devices to perform their specific functions.

Different hardware devices that require drivers are keyboards, monitors, printers, mice, etc. Different examples of device drivers are:

  1. Display Drivers
  2. ROM Drivers
  3. BIOS Driver
  4. Motherboard Drivers
  5. Sound Card Driver
  6. VGA Drivers
  7. Printer Drivers
  8. USB Drivers
Language Processor

Language processors are software that is used for the conversion of language. Language processors convert high-level language into low-level language. The computer understands the low-level language so the language processors are a must in the system to convert the high-level language (near to human) into low-level language.

Application Software

Application software is used to perform various applications on the system. It helps a computer user to perform specific tasks. The user interface is a crucial element of any application software. People use different types of application software according to their tasks.

As we know software has different software. there are many differences between application and system software.

Different types of Application Software

There are different types of application software

Custom Software

Custom software is designed for a particular customer or organization. It is developed to meet the exact requirements of a particular customer and organization. The cost of customized software is more than packaged software. This software can be developed by a single programmer or a team of programmers.

Example: Software designed for a particular university.

Business Software

Business software is application software that helps people to perform specific business activities effectively.

Types of business software

There are different types of business software. some of them are given below.

Word processing software

Word processing software is the most widely used type of application software. It is also called a word processor. It is used to make documents. It is used to edit and format letters, reports, and resumes, etc.

Word processing is used by business organizations, government agencies, and individuals for creating different types of documents. Some examples of word-processing software are Microsoft Word, Pages, and Word Perfect.

image showing the Word processing software
Spread Sheet Software

Spreadsheet software is a widely used application software for calculations. Millions of people use spreadsheet software to perform different tasks more quickly and accurately. It provides worksheets to enter data.

It is used to arrange data in a sequence. It also provides the facility to display data graphically using charts. MS Excel is an example of spreadsheet software.

Presentation Software

Presentation software is used to make presentations. It is a type of application software that uses graphics, animation, sound, and data or information to make visual presentations.

These presentations can be used directly on the computer screen. A presentation can also be viewed as a slide on a large monitor or projection screen.

image showing the MS PowerPoint
Database Software

A database is a collection of organized data. The data in a database can be accessed, retrieved, and used easily. Database software is application software used to create, access, and manage a database. It is also known as a database management system.

Some other application software are as follows

Graphic and multimedia software

Engineers, architects, and graphic artists use sophisticated software to develop complex graphics and multimedia applications.

Some graphic and multimedia software applications are as follows:

Computer-Aided Design

Desktop Publishing Software

Video and audio editing software etc.

Software for Home, personal, and educational Use

Some software applications are specially designed for home, personal and educational use. This software is used in the educational field to learn different skills.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is software?

Software is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do and how to do a specific task. The software has different types. Each software is used for different a purpose.

What are Application software and its types?

Application software is used to perform a specific task according to the given instruction.
Application software has many types like
Spreadsheet Software
Word Processor
Presentation software
Database software
Multimedia software etc.

What is system software?

The system software is used to run the system. It manages the interface between application software and hardware. There are different types of system software like
Operating system
Device drivers etc.

What Types of Software Exist?

Application Software
System Software
Programming Software

Why do we use the software?

Software is a must when we are working on computers. Because without them we cannot work on the computer. For example, if you want to write an article you must have word processor software without it you wouldn’t be able to write it.

What is programming software?

Programming software is used to develop other software. They enable users to write code, test, debug, etc. other software.

Write some programming software.

·       Assemblers
·       Compilers
·       Debuggers
·       Interpreters

Write the different types of operating systems.

·       DOS
·       Linux
·       UNIX
·       Mac OS
·       MS Windows etc.

What are the 5 uses of application software?

Application software is used for different purposes:
·       To create documents, spreadsheets, databases, etc.
·       For publication
·       For Designing
·       For playing games
·       For sending emails, etc.

There are different types of software:

There are different types of software:
Application Software.
System Software.
Programming Software.
Driver Software.
Open Source Software.