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What is a Vector Mean in Math

August 14, 2022
written by Azhar Ejaz

In physics, mathematics, and engineering, we encounter two important properties, known as ‘scalar quantities and vector quantities. Vectors are geometrical entities that have both magnitude and direction. A vector can be denoted by a line with an arrow pointing towards its direction and its length denote the magnitude of the vector. Therefore, vectors are denoted by arrows, they have initial points and terminal points.

The concept of vectors evolved over a period of 200 years. Vectors are used to be denoted by physical quantities such as acceleration, velocity, displacement, etc.

What is a vector?

A vector is a Latin word that means carrier. Vectors carry a point A to point B. the direction of the displacement of point A to point B is called the direction of the vector AB and the length of the line between the two points A and B is called the magnitude of the vector AB. Vectors are also called spatial vectors or Euclidean vectors. Vectors have many applications in math, engineering, physics, and different other fields.

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Vectors in Euclidean Geometry

Vectors in math are geometric, A vector quantity, or simply a vector, is one that possesses both magnitude and direction. The starting point of vectors is called an initial point. The final point of a vector is called the terminal point. Different operations can be applied to vectors such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Example of vector

Vectors play an important role in physics. For example, displacement, velocity, , acceleration, and force are all vector quantities that have a magnitude as well as a direction.

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