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What is Keyboard in Computer | Types of keyboard

July 24, 2022

The keyboard is an input device. It is a commonly used input device because mostly data is entered into the computer via the keyboard. There are many buttons known as keys.

A standard keyboard has 101 keys. A keyboard contains alphabet keys, numeric keys, functional keys, and special keys. Different functional keys perform different functions.

2A standard keyboard is called a QWERTY keyboard because the first six keys on the top row of letters on this keyboard are Q, W, E, R, T, and Y. 

You need to buy a keyboard that is comfortable and easy to use. You can choose from many different kinds of keyboards. Some are smaller than others and some are wider.

The size of the keys is also an important factor. Look for one with large keys so that you will be able to type fast. Make sure that you read the instruction manual before you buy your new keyboard.

Parts of Keyboard

The keyboard in most personal computers has the following main parts:

  • Functional Keys
  • Main Keyboard
  • Numeric Keys
  • Additional Keys
image showing thekeyboard

Main Keyboard

The main keyboard includes the keys found on a typewriter keypad. It also contains some special keys.  The special keys have different uses and effects that depend on the software being used.

Esc Key

Esc key is used to close the current command and task

CapsLock Key

CapsLock key is a toggle key. It is used for uppercase and lowercase. When it is pressed the status light turns on and letters are written in uppercase. When it is not pressed the status light turns off and letters are written in lowercase.

Backspace and Delete keys

Backspace and Delete keys are used to erase letters. The backspace key is used to erase the letters on the left side of the cursor. The delete key is used to delete letters on the right side of the cursor.       

Shift Key

The shift key is not used as a single key. It is always used with the combination of the keys. For example, pressing the shift key with the alphabet d generate the uppercase of ‘D’. Same pressing shift key with numbers keys generate the special characters.

Enter Key

Enter Key is used to move the cursor to the beginning of the next line during typing something.

Control Key

The control key is also used with the combination of the other keys. For example, ctrl + O is used to open a new window.

  • Ctrl + B is used to make the text bold.
  • Ctrl + I is used to make the text italic.
  • Ctrl + A is used to select the whole text.
  • Ctrl + S is used to save the file.

It is also used with a combination of two other keys.

Functional Keys

Function keys are present at the top row of the keyboard. The function keys are from F1  

to F12.

The function of each function key is different.

For example, F1 key is used as the Help Key. F5 is used to refresh the page.

Numeric Keys

The number keys are called numeric keys. These are preset below the function keys row. The numeric keys are from 0 to 9.

Additional Keys

There are many additional keys

Arrow Keys

image 88

Page Up and Page down Keys

These keys are used to scroll up and scroll down in the document. It is present as PgUp and PgDn on the keyboard.

Different types of keyboard

There are different types of keyboards that are used for different purposes.

Wireless Keyboard

The wireless keyboard is connected with other devices through infrared technology and uses light to transmit data to other devices.

Gaming Keyboard

It is used for playing games. Gaming keyboards have some specific keys to play games.

USB keyboard

It is a simple plug-and-play keyboard that is attached to another device with a wire.


It is an old-fashioned keyboard like a typewriter.

The word QWERTY is present at the top row of the alphabet key.