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Why math is difficult for students? A detailed analysis

June 10, 2022
written by Azhar Ejaz
image showing math equations

You are a high school student who loves math. So you spend hours practicing and studying math problems for tests and homework.

But when it comes to real life, math is hard for you. You have trouble understanding numbers, calculating fractions, and adding and subtracting.

Why is this? Maybe your teachers haven’t given you enough practice?

In this article, I will help you understand the real reasons why math is hard for many students. This will help you overcome math anxiety and learn math at a deeper level.

7 Reasons Why Math Is Difficult for Students

There are a number of students who are struggling with math. They feel that they are not good at this subject. Some of them have even failed their exams. The reason behind this failure is that they have no clue how to study and learn mathematics. Let us take a closer look at why math is difficult for students.

1: Poor preparation of students

In this day and age, it is the students who are responsible for their own preparation, it is they who need to study hard and prepare for exams. They must-read books, magazines, notes, etc.

If students don’t study hard then the quality of their education will become very low. Most of them think that it is easy to learn Math.

But the fact is that Math isn’t easy at all. It is the students who find Math difficult. They have to spend a lot of time studying hard and practicing Math with the help of books, notes, and online tutors.

2: No motivation and lack of interest

Students think that Math is a difficult subject and a subject of study that requires a lot of hard work. This is not true; Math is a subject that everyone is taught in the schools, and it is one of the most important subjects.

People who have a good knowledge of Math are more likely to get a good job and earn more than those people who don’t know the basic concepts of Math.

If students are not motivated to learn Math then they will never be able to achieve success in this subject.

3: The wrong teacher

Teachers are the backbone of any subject and if the teacher is not capable and able to teach the students well, then the students will find it difficult.

Some teachers just tell students what they want to hear and they teach it as if it is the easiest thing in the world. This is how students find it difficult to understand the Math concepts.

4. Not Understanding Maths

The first problem that students encounter is not understanding maths. Most of the time, students don’t understand what they are supposed to be learning.

To make matters worse, they get overwhelmed with all the formulas and complicated calculations. As a result, they are unable to grasp the concept and grasp the basic principles of maths.

5. Lack of Practice

Another major problem is lack of practice. The students don’t understand the concepts well. Even when they learn maths, they don’t try to practice it.

They only rely on their memory and brain power. As a result, they have no idea what they have learned. This is the reason why they fail their exams.

6. No Guidance

If you haven’t learnt mathematics properly from a mentor, you are not going to understand it. There are a number of students who just want to study maths because it is the ‘easiest’ subject to study. If you have to do a lot of maths in your life, you will become good at it.

7. Not Trying

The students might have heard that maths is difficult but they never make an effort to learn it. This is why they have to repeat the same things over and over again.

It is very easy to memorize things that you have seen or heard. But in maths, you have to learn the concepts first and then use them to solve problems.


If you are facing these problems then you need to understand that Math is not that difficult for students and they can study hard and understand everything. The only reason behind the students’ difficulties is that they lack motivation and interest.

If you have no motivation to study Math then it is better for you to leave this subject and pursue some other subject. If you are finding difficulty understanding the concepts of Math, then you must read some Math books and study hard.