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5 letter words starting with H

January 18, 2024
written by Areej Khan

Many 5-letter words in English start with the letter ‘H’. Learning these words can help you play word games and crossword puzzles better. Below is a list of some 5-letter ‘H’ words to help you.

HabitA regular practice or routineBrushing twice a day is a good habit.
HacksCuts roughly or manages to handleShe hacks through the jungle with a machete.
HailsCalls out or greetsHe hails his friend across the street.
HairsIndividual strands growing from the skinHer hairs glistened in the sunlight.
HalosRings of light around somethingThe angel had halos above their heads.
HaltStop or pauseThe train came to a halt at the station.
HandyConvenient or usefulA Swiss Army knife is a handy tool.
HangsSuspends or is suspendedThe picture hangs on the living room wall.
HappyFeeling or showing pleasureShe felt happy on her birthday.
HarpsPlays the harpShe harps beautifully at the concert.
HarshUnpleasantly rough or jarringThe critic’s harsh words stung the artist.
HasteExcessive speed or urgencyIn his haste, he forgot his keys.
HatchTo emerge from an eggThe chicks began to hatch in the spring.
HatesFeels strong dislike forHe hates having to wake up early.
HauntA place frequented by a specified personThe old library was his favorite haunt.
HazelA light brown or yellowish-brown colorShe has beautiful hazel eyes.
HeadsThe upper part of the human bodyThe team heads toward the goal.
HealsBecomes sound or healthy againTime heals all wounds.
HeapsPiles or collections of thingsHeaps of leaves covered the yard.
HeartThe organ that pumps bloodHer heart was full of joy.
HeatsMakes hot or warmThe sun heats the earth.
HeavyOf great weightThe boxes were too heavy to lift.
HedgeA fence or boundary formed by bushesThe hedge needed trimming.
HeedsPays attention toShe heeds the advice of her mentor.
HeelsThe back part of the footThe heels of his shoes were worn out.
HeftyLarge, heavy, and powerfulThe hefty book was difficult to carry.
HelixA type of smooth space curveThe DNA molecule has a double helix structure.
HelloA greetingHe answered the phone with a cheerful “Hello!”
HelpsAssistsShe always helps her friends in need.
HempsVarieties of the cannabis plantHemps are used in making ropes and textiles.
HenceAs a consequenceHe was absent; hence, he missed the meeting.
HerbsPlants with savory or aromatic propertiesThe recipe called for a mix of fresh herbs.
HerdsGroups of animalsThe herds of cattle roamed the fields.
HereIn, at, or to this place or positionPlease sign here on the document.
HertzUnit of frequencyThe sound wave was measured in hertz.
HidesConceals or keeps out of sightHe hides the gift in the closet.
HighsPoints of great intensity or altitudeThe highs of his career were truly remarkable.
HikesWalks or treks, especially in natureThey planned to hikes in the mountains.
HillsNatural elevations of the earth’s surfaceThe area was known for its rolling hills.
HintsSuggestions or indirect indicationsShe gave hints about her upcoming project.
HipThe part of the body below the waist and above the thighShe injured her hip during the fall.
HiredEmployed for a jobHe was hired as a new manager.
HissyExhibiting or resembling a hissy fitShe threw a hissy fit when she lost the game.
HivesA condition causing itchy red weltsShe developed hives after eating strawberries.
HoardAccumulate for future useHe tends to hoard old newspapers.
HobbyAn activity done for pleasurePainting is her favorite hobby.
HoldsContains or supportsThe vase holds a beautiful bouquet.
HoleAn opening into or through somethingThe golf ball rolled into the hole.
HollyA shrub with red berries and glossy leavesHolly decorations are popular at Christmas.
HomeA place where one livesAfter a long trip, it’s good to be home.
HoneyA sweet, sticky yellow-brown fluidShe added honey to her tea.
HonksMakes a loud sound, especially by a car hornThe impatient driver honks the horn.
HooksFastens or catches with a hookHe hooks the fish with precision.
HopesDesires with expectationShe hopes to travel the world one day.
HornsHard, permanent outgrowths on the heads of certain animalsThe bull charged with its horns.
HorseA large domesticated mammalShe learned to ride a horse at a young age.
HotlyIn an intense, fiery, or passionate mannerThey debated the issue hotly.
HoursPeriods of time equal to sixty minutesThe library is open for several hours daily.
HouseA building for human habitationThey bought a new house in the suburbs.

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