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5 letter words starting with G

January 18, 2024
written by Areej Khan

Many 5-letter words in English start with the letter ‘G. Learning these words can help you play word games and crossword puzzles better. Below is a list of some 5-letter ‘G’ words to help you.

GabbyExcessively talkativeGabby was always chatty at meetings.
GaffeA clumsy social errorHis comment at dinner was a major gaffe.
GailyIn a cheerful or lighthearted wayThey danced gaily at the festival.
GainsIncreases or improvementsHis investments showed significant gains.
GalaA festive celebrationThe charity gala was a splendid event.
GalaxA type of evergreen plantThe forest floor was covered with galax.
GalopA lively danceThey performed the galop with great energy.
GammaThe third letter of the Greek alphabetGamma is often used in scientific notations.
GapedStared with one’s mouth openThey gaped in awe at the fireworks.
GarbsClothing of a distinctive styleThe actors donned medieval garbs for the play.
GasesVarious substances in the state of gasThe lab experiment involved several gases.
GatesMovable barriers in a fence or wallThe mansion had imposing iron gates.
GaudyExtravagantly bright or showyThe decorations were a bit too gaudy.
GaugeA device for measuringHe used a gauge to measure the pressure.
GauzeA thin translucent fabricShe wrapped the wound with gauze.
GavelA small mallet used by a judgeThe judge struck the gavel to order.
GawksStares openly and stupidlyTourists often gawk at the tall skyscrapers.
GayerMore cheerful or lightheartedThe mood was gayer after the joke was told.
GazedLooked steadily and intentlyShe gazed at the stars in wonder.
GearsSets of toothed wheelsThe mechanic checked the car’s gears.
GeckoA small tropical lizardA gecko scurried across the wall.
GeesePlural of gooseA flock of geese flew overhead.
GelsSolidifies or becomes more cohesiveThe plan finally gels into a clear strategy.
GemmaA bud in plantsThe gemma showed the promise of new growth.
GenesUnits of heredityScientists studied the genes for the disease.
GenieA magical spiritThe story featured a genie granting wishes.
GenreA category of artistic compositionHis favorite movie genre is science fiction.
GentsMen or gentlemenThe gents wore suits to the formal event.
GenuaPlural of genu, a part of the legThe genua are critical for knee movement.
GeodeA rock containing a cavity lined with crystalsHe found a beautiful geode while hiking.
GermsMicroorganisms causing diseaseWashing hands helps in removing germs.
GessoA white paint mixtureArtists apply gesso to prepare the canvas.
GetupA set of clothes or costumeHis cowboy getup was perfect for the party.
GhostAn apparition of a dead personThe old mansion is said to have a ghost.
GhoulAn evil spirit or phantomTales of the ghoul frightened the children.
GiantAn imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman sizeThe story spoke of a friendly giant.
GiddyDizzy or lightheadedThe spinning ride made her feel giddy.
GiftsPresents or offeringsThe birthday gifts were thoughtfully chosen.
GillsRespiratory organs of fish and amphibiansFish breathe underwater through their gills.
GiltsYoung female pigsThe farmer raised several gilts on his farm.
GimmeInformal for “give me”Gimme a minute to finish this.
GimpsTwisted silk, worsted, or cotton with cord or wireThe dress was decorated with gimps.
GipsyA nomadic or free-spirited personThe gipsy traveled across the country.
GirlyCharacteristic of a girl or girlsShe chose a girly theme for her room.
GirthThe measurement around the middle of somethingHe measured the girth of the tree.
GivesPresents voluntarily without expecting anything in returnShe gives her time to charity.
GlandAn organ that secretes somethingThe thyroid is an important gland in the body.
GlassA hard, brittle substance made from sand and soda or limeShe poured juice into the glass.
GlazeTo give a shiny surfaceThe potter will glaze the ceramics tomorrow.
GleanTo gather slowly and laboriouslyShe glean to understand the complex theory.
GleeGreat delight or happinessThe children’s glee was infectious.
GlensNarrow valleys, especially in ScotlandThey hiked through the misty glens.
GlideTo move smoothly and continuouslyThe skaters glide effortlessly on the ice.
GlintA small flash of lightThe diamond’s glint caught everyone’s eye.
GloatTo dwell on one’s success with smugnessIt’s unkind to gloat over your victories.
GlobsSmall lumps or massesGlobs of paint dotted the artist’s floor.
GloryHigh renown or honorThe athlete basked in the glory of victory.
GlossA shiny smooth surfaceThe brochure had a high gloss finish.
GloveA covering for the handShe put on a glove before leaving the house.
GlowsGives out steady lightThe lamp glows softly in the corner.
GluesAdhesive substancesShe uses strong glues in her craft projects.
GlyphA carved or engraved symbolThe ancient glyph puzzled the archaeologists.

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