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10 Examples of Alkanes

August 17, 2023
written by Sidra Batool

Alkanes are compounds that consists of single bonded Hydrogen and Carbon atoms, and they do not have any other functional group:

Examples of Alkanes

Here are 10 examples of alkanes:

1.    Methane

Chemical Formula: CH₄

Characteristics: Methane is the simplest alkane and the main component of natural gas. It’s a colorless, odorless gas that is highly flammable.

2.    Ethane

Chemical Formula: C₂H₆

Characteristics: Ethane is also found in natural gas and is used as a fuel. It’s slightly more complex than methane and is also colorless and odorless.

3.    Propane

Chemical Formula: C₃H₈

Characteristics: Propane is commonly used as a fuel for heating, cooking, and transportation. It’s stored as a liquid under pressure and becomes a gas when released.

4.    Butane

Chemical Formula: C₄H₁₀

Characteristics: Butane is another common fuel used in lighters, stoves, and portable camping equipment. It’s similar to propane and can also be stored as a liquid.

5.    Pentane      

Chemical Formula: C₅H₁₂

 Characteristics: Pentane is a flammable liquid at room temperature and is used as a solvent and in the production of certain chemical compounds.

6.    Hexane

Chemical Formula: C₆H₁₄

Characteristics: Hexane is another solvent and is commonly used in laboratories and industries to extract oils from seeds and plants.

7.    Heptane

Chemical Formula: C₇H₁₆

Characteristics: Heptane is used in laboratories as a non-polar solvent. It’s a colorless liquid with a gasoline-like odor.

8.    Octane

 Chemical Formula: C₈H₁₈

Characteristics: Octane is well-known as a component of gasoline. It’s used as a standard for comparing the performance of different fuels in internal combustion engines.

9.    Nonane

Chemical Formula: C₉H₂₀

Characteristics: Nonane is a colorless liquid at room temperature. It’s used as a solvent and in the production of certain chemicals.

10. Decane

Chemical Formula: C₁₀H₂₂

Characteristics: Decane is a straight-chain alkane that is a major component of diesel fuel and other hydrocarbon mixtures.

Here are examples of alkanes with chemical and general formula:

AlkaneChemical FormulaGeneral Formula (C H₂n+2)
MethaneCH₄C H₂n+2
EthaneC₂H₆C H₂n+2
PropaneC₃H₈C H₂n+2
ButaneC₄H₁₀C H₂n+2
PentaneC₅H₁₂C H₂n+2
HexaneC₆H₁₄C H₂n+2
HeptaneC₇H₁₆C H₂n+2
OctaneC₈H₁₈C H₂n+2
NonaneC₉H₂₀C H₂n+2
DecaneC₁₀H₂₂C H₂n+2
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