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5 Interesting Facts About Computers History

July 30, 2022

Computers are the most used electronic gadgets in the world. Today, even the simplest things are managed by a computer. So, it is very important to have a basic knowledge of the history of the computer. Here are the five interesting facts about computers.

1. First computer

As we all know that the first computer was created by Alan Turing. This computer is called a ‘Turing Machine’. Turing Machine is the most complicated invention in the world. It can compute any logical statement with zero errors. This invention was a base for the further development of computers.

2. First programmable digital computer

IBM 701 is the first computer that has a programmable memory. In other words, it can remember its own programs. It was invented by German engineer Konrad Zuse.

3. First electronic digital calculator

The first electronic digital calculator was invented by American engineer George Stibitz. He was the first person to develop this electronic gadget. It is the most complicated calculator and can perform arithmetic operations as well.

4. First computer for educational purpose

In 1945, ENIAC was developed as the first computer for educational purposes. It can perform many arithmetic operations and can perform calculations. It is a huge machine and still remains the largest computer of its era.

image showing the ENIAC

5. First electronic programmable computer

This was the most sophisticated and complex computer in the world. It was invented by Hungarian-American engineer John Atanasoff. This is the first electronic computer that can store data in memory and can perform mathematical operations.


These are the five interesting facts about computers. I am sure you will learn a lot from this article and the best thing is that you can apply this knowledge in real life as well.