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Network Devices – Types of Devices of Computer Network

August 11, 2022

Network devices are electronic devices that connect computers over a network. They allow us to share information and resources across networks.

Network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and modems are essential tools for connecting computers. These devices are also used to secure data transmissions and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Types of Devices of Computer Network

Different devices to connect networks of computers are as follows


A router is an external hardware component that connects two or more networks. It manages the best route between any two communication networks. It consists of hardware and software.

The hardware can be a network server or a separate computer. The software includes an operating system and routing protocol. It allows data to flow between them. For example, a router might route traffic from one part of the house to another. Or it might direct traffic from the LAN to the Internet.

image of router

They connect networks of different countries. They transfer data in less time.


Gateway is a term used to describe a computer or device that connects two networks with different types of protocols. For example, a  gateway that allows computers to connect to the Internet.

Gateways allow us to access information from other networks. They also provide security and privacy. In addition, they can be used to share files and data between multiple devices.


A hub is a device that allows multiple computers to share a single connection to the Internet. This means that they can access the same resources at the same time.


The bridge is a device that connects two network segments. It is used to connect similar types of networks. When a bridge receives a signal, it determines the segment where the signal should be sent. It reads the addresses of sending and receiving computers.

If both computers are in the same segment, the bridge does not pass the signal to the other segment. It reduces network traffic and increases network performance.


Repeaters are used to extend the coverage area of a wireless LAN, allowing multiple APs to connect to clients within their range. The repeater relays traffic between the APs, extending the range of the network. A repeater operates on the physical layer.

Its work is to regenerate the signals. The repeater copies the signal bit by bit to regenerate it when the signal becomes weak. The repeater has 2 ports.


It is a data link layer device. It checks the error before the transmission of data. It does not forward the data packets if they have an error it just sends the selective packet which is error-free.