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Difference between Software and Hardware

November 5, 2022

Software and hardware are the parts of the computer. They cannot work without each other. Computer Hardware cannot work without software and software cannot work without hardware components.


Software refers to any computer program that is designed to perform specific tasks.

The software comes in different types, such as:

Operating systems: An operating system is the primary software installed on a computer before any program is run. It provides the foundation on which other programs can operate.

Applications software: Application software is used for a specific purpose. E.g. Word processing software (MS Word, Google Docs, etc.), Spreadsheet software (MS Excel, Google Spreadsheet, etc.), and Presentation software (MS PowerPoint, etc.)

Other examples include internet browsers, email clients, instant messaging programs, and databases.

Middleware: is a layer between two separate programs that helps them communicate with each other

Programming software: Programming is used to create different software.


Hardware is the physical components of a computer, including its processor, memory (RAM), storage space, displays, and input devices. These hardware components communicate with each other over electrical signals.

Computer hardware has different components like Keyboards, mice, CPUs, hard disks, etc.

Difference between Software and Hardware

Software is a set of instructions that tells a computer exactly what to do.Hardware is the physical part of the computer that causes the processing of data.
The software cannot be executed without hardware.Hardware cannot perform any task without software.
The software cannot be touchedHardware can be seen or touched.
Software is debugged in case of problems.Hardware is repaired in case of a problem.
Software is reinstalled if the problem is not solved.Hardware is replaced
Software is divided into different types, application software, and system softwareHardware is divided into different parts like input devices, output devices, and storage devices.
Software is created using programming languages.Hardware is developed using electronics and other materials.
Viruses can infect the softwareViruses cannot infect the hardware
Examples of software are MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS word, etc.Examples of hardware are Monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, etc.