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Use of Computer in the Defense Department

August 8, 2022

The computer provides many facilities in the defense system. The computer is trying to invent a new type of technology for armor. Things such as rockets, tanks, missiles, guided munition systems, and other trends in more solid tech are inventions of the computer. The computer is useful for recruiting and spreading information. Uses of computers in defense are given below:

Software technologies

As we know now the focus of the defense is shifted from metal toward unmanned vehicles and drones. Software is a crucial part of weaponry. Our aircraft was live or died on the quality of the metal in the past but now it depends on the quality of our software.

In modern warfare, the role of advanced software is just like the brain. The success of today’s weapon systems is just because of the software.


The computer acts as the backbone in the defense of communication. If forces do not communicate with each other during the war it will result in the defeat of the army because through communication commander give commands to the other army members that what to do and when to do it.

All this is just due to the computer. The benefits of communication are given as:

  • Through communication commander improves command and control.
  • To spread situational awareness.
  • Place innovative technologies.

Biometric identification

The computer provides biometric identification in defense systems. It is very necessary to assure the presence of the army members. Biometric scanners are used for this purpose.

It ensures that the person is the same one who has received authorization previously to enter the computer system room and this reduces the risk of the entry of the enemies.

Control missiles

The computer is used to control missiles. Missiles are used to target enemies. It determines the time at which it hits the target missiles. It uses a radar system that provides signals to control the missiles. Electronics in the missile keep the radar pointed to the target. Missiles use the C++ language.

Track incoming missiles

Computers are also used to control incoming missiles. Computer track the incoming missiles to target them to destroy. Computers are also used to control the tanks and planes to target the enemy forces. Missiles also have television cameras that send the signals back to the platform.

Situational Awareness

Computers are useful for situational awareness that tells the army what happens around and what to do according to the situation.  It tells the army about anything that is threatening their safety and health.