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What is MS Excel?–MS Excel Window Interface

August 21, 2022

MS Excel is spreadsheet software that is a great tool for organizing data and making calculations. There are many different types of spreadsheet software out there, each designed to do something specific. In this video, we go over some of the best spreadsheet programs currently available. I’ll talk about how they work, what makes them unique, and what their features are.

image of MS Excel window interface

Spreadsheet programs are essential tools for keeping track of information. They allow you to organize and analyze data from multiple sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, text files, and images.

Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft Corporation. It was originally designed for use in business applications, but its capabilities have expanded over time to become a general-purpose computer application. Its name comes from the fact that it uses spreadsheets (or worksheets) to store data and perform calculations.

MS Excel window interface

Ms. Excel window contains different options given below:

Title bar

The title bar is located at the top of the screen. It displays the name of the current document on it.

Menu Bar

The menu bar contains different tabs. Each tab has a different function. The menu bar contains tabs (Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formula, Data, Review, View…). The home tab has many options like Font (style, size, color, etc.). 

It also has the alignment option (left alignment, right alignment, center alignment and justify). The home tab also contains many other options.

Quick Access Toolbar

Toolbars are shortcuts to the menu command. Toolbars are generally located above the menu bar. The toolbar contains three items by default (save, undo, and redo). We can also add more items to the toolbar.

Formula Bar

The formula bar displays the location of the active cell and the value or formula used in the active cell. When we are working on the cell, the current cell address displays on the formula bar.

Active cell

The currently selected cell is called the active cell.

image showing the active cell

Cell Address

The cell is identified by the combination of column letters and row numbers. The sixth cell in the second column is known as cell B6. This is known as the cell’s address or cell coordinates.

Column and Row Heading

The text that appears at the top of the column is called headings. Column headings represent the names of the columns. The number that appears on the left of the row is called row headings. Row heading represents the names of the rows.


The intersection of row and column is called a cell. A cell holds data. Cells may contain text, numbers, graphical formulas, or formulas.


Workbooks are collections of related documents (e.g., spreadsheets) stored together in a single file. They contain data and formulas that are shared between the various sheets within the workbook.


Worksheets are individual pages or sections within a workbook. Each sheet contains its own data and formulas.

Status Bar

The status bar contains information about the worksheet. It also contains the zoom out and zooms in option through which we can zoom the worksheet data. We can also customize the status bar.

Control Buttons

These buttons are used to control the MS window. the minimize button is used to minimize the window. The Cross button is used to close the window.

image showing the control buttons

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the definition of MS Excel?

MS Excel is spreadsheet software that is used to organize and manage data in table forms. It is also used to calculate the values.

 What are the main features of Microsoft Excel?

The main feature of MS Excel is to insert formulas, functions, tables, and sort tabulated data.

What are the functions in MS Excel?

Functions are predefined formulas in MS Excel. We can automatically apply the functions.
Different types of functions are as follows:
·      SUM
·      MIN
·      MAX
·      COUNT
·      AVERAGE

What is an Excel formula?

Formulas are used to calculate the values in MS Excel.
The formula always begins with the (=) sign. Then we will write the function name and then arguments in the braces.